Girl Band

Many years ago, two of my friends and I were traveling down the road when we saw what appeared to be a tour bus on the side of the road.
We stopped as we saw the hood up.
There was a man - the driver - working on it and my mechanic friend went to help.
Two young ladies came out the door and said hi and invited us on the bus.
Inside were two more women and together, they made up an all-girl band that was slightly famous at the time and became more famous as time went by.
The bus was quite comfortable, with beds and couches everywhere. Only a small part for a kitchenette kept the back from being totally made of these.
Anyway, we partied with them until the bus was running, a couple of hours later. Then they invited us to their show that night, handing us three backstage passes.
That night, we had the time of our lives. Mega-party before and after the concert, followed by a night of lust with four girls and three guys in a hotel suite.
This was actually my first time to be part of an **** of that magnitude, but when they left the next morning, there were four happy ******* and three happy dicks. This was also the first time I had two girls on me at once, both riding like a cowgirl. In fact, it was a night of several sexual firsts, including getting to skull-**** one of them.
A night I will never forget. In fact, every time I hear one of their songs or hear someone speak of them, I have a secret smile.
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First time with 2 you have way better luck than me!

If I were to name names, you might think even luckier.

Well now I just gotta know!

I don't name names in anything sexual. If it were a plain old encounter, like having supper with a famous singer or something, I would. Just know they are four women who have made their name in music as a group.

Yeah I understand just no it's alot easier being you than it is being me

Not always. Memories only take you so far.

Please just trust me I have alot of pain to list just really would prefer not to

So do I, if you're talking physical pain. I'm totally out of commission now - can't even **** my wife.

Ok but remember you pushed cancer,epilepsy,chronic pain from osteo arthritis that will only worsen,bipolar,ptsd,and a rapist father

That's terrible. Especially the part about your father - I don't understand people like that. Compared to that, my broken spine pales in significance. That's one thing I always tell myself when I'm badly depressed - there's someone with worse problems.

Yeah unfortunately for me the only people who have it worse are dying

What pain medications are you on? I'm up to morphine and don't know what will come next or how high of a dosage the morphine can go.

None my kidneys are already kinda banged up from the chemo I have kidney stones every now and then don't want to make things worse

Man. Is there no pain medicine you can take that wouldn't mess that up?

Not that I know of and honestly I'm very shy when it comes to pain meds my dad is an addict that's how the rape happened

I can understand that too. It's easy to get hooked on them. But I THINK that I would have enough self control to still not be a rapist or murderer or something because of addiction. I hope I never have to find out.

Yeah me too that's why I rarely use them

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Cherry Bomb.

Would love to hear all the details

I lived next to a girl band in the early '80's. Although they were dedicated (no guys invited) lesbians, it was always interesting waking up to their parties when they came in at 3AM. Women moaning with pleasure is the same regardless. LOL.

that's wicked awesome experience!