My Truee Story.

I'm 15 going on 16, and i havee the mind of a 40 year old. when i was small, my dad would beat up on my mom and my older brother would just watch and he some what liked it. we grew up with out water, food, light, clothes, shoes and other stuff like that. but we managed to be ohkay. we jumped from motel after motel, not knowing where to live. my mom and dad started smoking crack when i was 9 years old and then they ended up going to prison at the same time. so we lived with our grandma for 2 years. our lives changed drastically! My two brothers did things youu can't even imagine, they got into a gang, snorted coke, popped pills, robbed, got locked up, beat niggas half to death with bats and other stuff. I grew up seeing all of that so when my mom got out of prison, SHE had to deal with it now and it wasn't easy. Every other weekend, one of my brothers got locked up. My mom left my dad and we moved to south texas where all of the drugs are! I started popping what youu call "Rolls" about 5 times a day, i smoked so much that i would get severe headaches, i would snort coke and drink like there's no tomorrow. My mom started using drugs again and i would cry to her on the phone, begging for her to pick me up from my friends house, but she would either hang up or ignore me and change the subject. She would make me stay after school till 6 or 7 until SHE was ready to pick me up juss because she wanted to get a high. Yeah, she would cry to me saying how she wanted to change, but she made my heart cold and i ignored her like she would ignore me. i would drink until 6 or 7 in the morning, and go to sleep at 9 and not wake up till 9 THAT night. I would get in fights with guys over gangs, whether they kicked my ***, or i kicked theirs, i still didn't care and i wanted to protect what i called my 'family'. i learned later on in life that they use you for your strength, they manipulate your mind into doing what THEY want you to do. i eventually got out of it with the help of Jesus by my side. i could go on and on about details about my life, but i said enough. and yes, i'm barely 15.
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You are a strong, amazing, inspirational woman. Stay true to yourself and always speak the truth no matter what and you will be on the right path. Much love to you ~

parents can sometimes be very selfish! Its good that you found Jesus, he can be really helpfull in such situations i sometimes wounder why we let ourselves suffer when we know God exsists..did u move out of home? are u going to school? Its one thing to survive such a childhood but its another to make sure in future you do not become ur parents. Stay on the right path, i will always be here if u need someone to talk to *hugs*