Long *** Day

I spent 3.5 hrs in a walk in clinic with my daughter. Then I spent 9 hours with my mom at the hospital.  Then my ex-husband called and said his car broke down. I could go into so much more detail, but I'm afraid I am so exhausted I don't have the energy. LMFAO.  My daughter has bronchitis and she's 5 yrs old. And the stuff with my mom, well thats a long story.  And my ex-husband doesn't have the money to fix his car.  So it is kinda my problem too.  Ugh.  If you have had a long *** day please share...make me feel like I'm not alone here.

starprincess starprincess
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

boy does that sound stressful!<br />
remember breath in breath out ..haha <br />
my dad is just long and bla today.. i have morning sickness and its not going alway, but thats all <br />
nothing copared to you <br />