I didnt get enough sleep last night.  I had to bring my exhusband to work this morning cuz his car isbroken, and bring my little one to school.  I came home and was gonna stay up till my doctor's apt. but ended up canceling it and took a nap instead.  Well a friend called and woke me up.  So I decided to stay up and highlight my hair.  Then I showered quickly and went and picked up my little one from school.  Came home and got her settled in.  (I still have to pick my ex up from work and help him with his computer a little.  Then I have to go to the drug store, and then to the grocery store to buy snacks for the kids at school tomarrow because it is my little one's turn to bring them.  After all that I have to come home and make dinner.  Give my little one a bath, and put her to bed.  OMG, I think I'm so tired I'm gonna die.  It's been a long *** day already.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

skip the ex next's like having extra kids