So Many I've Lost Count

I've had well over 50 at last count. I can't even remember them all. All I know is that the last time I could, I counted 50. That was a number of years ago, too.

It's only been recently in my life that I've gotten better at finding, and retaining jobs that I don't utterly loathe. My current job I've been at for 9 months. My last job I was at for 10 months. Both are a long time in my book. I worked at a theater before that for seven months, and as a computer programmer for two years and three months before that. My list of jobs is as ecclectic as the day is long. I've been an optician, and an infantryman, an assistant and an extra; I've worked as a lot attendant, a roofer, a painter, and a call center supervisor; I've worked at an airport, a theater, and a hotel. I've worked fast food, and retail.

It's weird how many jobs I've had, and how few I've liked. Hell, I've had jobs that I only tolerated for two days (a retail job or two, and telemarketing). What has stuck with me as a lesson from all those jobs? I guess it'd be this: if you hate going to work then find a new place to work? Don't necessarily plan on finding a job you LOVE, but know that you can at least find jobs that you like (some days), and mostly find satisfactory.
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2 Responses May 18, 2007

wow, that is amazing. I'm in the same boat except that when i lose a job I usually don't get another one for half a year, and is totally different from the previous one.

It is amazing. I’ve had only 5 for 7 years and they all were in the same field.