I Have Many Names.

My family give me nicknames that either derive from my real name, Tyler, or that are completely random, or relate to something I do. I've been called Ty. I've been called TyTy. I've been called Tynisha (a ghetto prank nickname). My most famous one is Tigger. EVERYONE calls me that. My grandparents, my brother, my cousin, my BABY cousin who can barely speak, my aunt, my dad, everyone. I don't even act like Tigger, haha! I also get called El Tigre. I've been called Brother Swordsman and Cloud by my brother, because he tends to name me based on my video game achievements. It's hilarious. I also get Skyler, Alex (the f-- ?), Bam Bam (because I kept hitting my dad when I was a newborn baby), Starkiller (because I supposedly am an undefeatable apprentice of my aunt's.. plus I act like Starkiller off of The Force Unleashed.), Skylord (derivation of Skyler), Stinky the Baby (baby nickname my father refuses to give up) and many more. I have no idea where half of these names came from, but they're all me I suppose. I'll answer to any one of them, haha.
duClo duClo
18-21, T
Sep 7, 2012