My Angel Baby Kirrah Elizabeth & Her Best Friend Bellarosa

I was ninteen, engaged to a solider and very happy when i found out i was pregnant. Everyday my love for the child growing inside me grew and grew and for some reason i just knew she was a girl. when my soldier came home for the holidays we chose her name and talked about how we would raise her. Two short days after my soldier returned to base i woke up cramping and covered in blood and i knew before i even reached the Er i had lost my angel. However i was still given an ultrasound and a internal ultrasound, i held on to what little shread of hope i carried but that was no use. I was offically eleven weeks pregnant the day i lost her and two days from hearing her heartbeat for the first time :(  i called my soldier at base while he was on duty. I still get really sad when i think about what couldve been but always remind myself that god had other plans for her. My best friend was also pregnant at this time although several months ahead and so i threw myself into helping her, sadly she gave birth to a still born daughter a month early. We are both deeply saddend by our loses but we have each other. I told my best friend the night she delieved that i will always know that our beautiful angels have each other: eternal best friends. Rest in peace to my angel Kirrah and to her best friend BellaRosa.
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I lost my baby 2 days before my ultrasound at 11 weeks also. I really thought it wouldn't happen to me though. I don't know I guess it was denial. I hope we can have healthy babies in the future