Lost It My Freshmen Yr

When i was 15 i am 18 now as of Sunday, I got pregnant while in h.s. People made fun of me called me names like ****, *****, was told to kill myself, slit my wrist, and it hurt so bad. Then one day while no one was home i lost my balance goin up the stairs and fell i could feel the blood seeping through my pants i was wearing that day. I called my dad who didn't know i was pregnant and he took me to the hospital it was too late my baby was gone. I think about it if i had went through with it if it was a girl id name her anna if it had been a boy id name him daniel. I'll never know though
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My ex had a miscarriage with me too. We were both devastated but luckily they next time we made a beautiful son. All things happen for a reason and unfortunately I don't think we always have a choice

:( im so sorry if you wanna talk about anything id be glad to be your friend

I'm sorry for your loss