I Had An Nde When I Was Young

I was at the local indoor swim centre on a school excursion when I was 14.I cannot swim and jumped into the deeper section by accident.I remember struggling,losing consciousness and then a great calm overcame me and it was and still is the greatest feeling of happiness and serenity I have experienced. I then started seeing my life before me going in reverse.It went as far as the age of 2 before my mate grabbed me and saved me from drowning.When he did this,I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of anger at having been dragged away from true happiness.At the time I didn't know what I experienced until I saw the movie Flatliners a long time later.I still have vivid memories to this day and will never forget it.
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Love your story! I too had a BDE in 2006.......I saw my body lying there and I was surrounded by a beautiful white light!!! Feeling of total love and peace!!!! My entire life flashed in front of me from the time of birth to the present! I felt every feeling!!! Then I saw my 2 children and I questioned if it was really my time to leave Mother Earth! It was not! I was told to come back and instill in my children all that I've learned to this point! It was amazing and beautiful and changed my life forever!! Nice to meet you my friend

Wow alright, this is quite an experience. I've heard that drowning is supposed to be a peaceful way to go - and yet I could never imagine it that way. Seems like it is so, from what you're saying.<br />
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And another wow - an Aussie that doesnt swim! :O

Wow. That's deep but I'm going to need you to stay away from pools please. Or any open body of water w/o a life preserver sir. Please and Thank you.