Come Hell Or High Water

This is my story...
My Boyfriend Jimmy and I were in a boat on a very cold night in April 2010 on the SanFrancisco Bay. I dont know anything about boats and was putting trust in Jimmys knowledge...

Suddenly fear went through my body, in threw my right shoulder and out my left side. I thought of a friend who recently dies in an accident in the ocean... I told Jimmy I was nervous and wanted to turn around.He suggested we hug the shoreline see if I still felt scared and if so we would go b ack.

One minute or so later the motor died.Jimmy pulled the cord on motor 1 time (it didnt start) Jimmy was then in the water telling me step to the front. The boat is sinking!!!! In a few minutes the boat was sinking and halfway underwater.At this piont I was terrified..And boom it was gone the water swollowed up the boat in what seemed like minutes. Jimmy went swimming off in the direction of the items floating from the boat.I went swimming to the right toward where I thought shore was. This attempt was impossible. I could not swim against the currant. I was completley freaked out. I had to tell my self CALM DOWN this is not serving you. I took several deep breathes and calmed myself.

I then look to find Jimmy.. He was in a panic he had NO LIFE VEST ON...... I SWAM to him and he started climbing all over me.Now I am completely terrified of the person who was supposed to know what to do. I told him stop stop.
I had the reaction to pull away..But did not I somehow calmed him down.

We linked our legs together and floated on our backs paddeling with one arm.. The next 6 miles toward the shore or safety .We were in 42degree water. Very high tide 6.9
There was no moon that night and The Sky was pitch black where it met the water and the water was pitch black. We were surrounded by the darkness. The anxiety I felt kept comming back I would push it away and kept paddeling.
Soon Jimmy became very disoriented.. He was worse off than I was. It comforted me greatly to KNOW GOD was guiding us

Finally we reached San Quentin State Prison.Where a guard in a gun tower spotted us.
The Inmate Fire Crew pulled us out of the water.Where Jimmy went into Cardiac Arrest and died..I belive Jimmy stayed with me until he knew I was safe.. I owe my life to the Inmated that saved me.The doctors at the hospital told me that a person usually doesnt come out of 42 deree water after 2 hours and not loose limbs... And I was extreemly lucky that I was fine.

This was an experence I will never fully recover from and I will always Love Jimmy...Who used to tell me
( Its you and me baby.... come Hell or High water or the wheels fall off.)
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