A Near Death Experience

I have had a near death experience that has had a profound effect upon me. I choked on a food particle, stopped breathing and lost consciousness. Yet, at a subconscious level I was fully aware of what was happening and felt I was out of body and observing from outside the scene.

My wife, who was exhausted by medical procedures she had endured during the day, became paralyzed by the event and could do nothing to help, but thankfully telephoned a neighbor. Possibly 15 minutes had elapsed up to the time he arrived. During this time I was distinctly aware of what felt like hands, more than one pair, trying to pull me backwards through a curtain or veil to what I sensed was certain death. I resisted, not afraid, but because of a strong sense that there was something that still remained for me to do in my life.

Once my neighbor and good friend arrived, he touched me and spoke to me, and I felt he had rescued me from my potential captors. It felt to me that he was destined to play this role as my rescuer. He is a former Army paramedic, who knew exactly what to do, medically. I don't have words to describe his power over the entities behind the curtain.

 The ambulance came and I was taken to the hospital, where I stayed overnight for observation.

The experience has left me in a quandry about the mission I am to accomplish. So far, there have been no hints, other than a little voice inside directing me to Existential Humanism, and to this website.

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1 Response Sep 28, 2009

In my NDE I was pulled underwater by hundreds of hands, experienced total terror, but then was deposited in a landscape full of rolling green hills, radiant with golden light. That was the START of my experience!