Just Today

Today i have had a needle filled with Novacaine injected into my forehead. I thought I had a good pain tolerance. I have had my forearms burned many times (from deck ovens usually). I have skinned my knees, sprained, resprained and twisted my ankles, I have sliced the web between my left thumb and index finger with an Eversharp steak knife while opening the plastic ring around my Ben & Jerry's (It might have been Haagen Daaz).
But never have I had a needle injected into my forehead until today. It was interesting. It still is interesting. I don't really recommend it unless 1. neccessary or 2. the result is worth the insane pain.
It really freakin' hurts.
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2 Responses Jun 27, 2007

Well, I'm glad your mole is gone!! Hopefully you also have a good cosmetic result!

Just the title of your story gives me the heebie-jeebies. Why did you have to have novacaine injected into your forehead?