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I used to travel for my job. Other than the one time I'm retelling now I've never had it happen again.

It was a boring trip and I'm not one to sit at a bar by myself. Although I've never really had a problem with the company of a lady, I'm not a 'ladies man' and never would try to tell you I am. Anyway... I was the only person from my company at this conference so I was truly alone to do with myself as I pleased. No clients, no dinners I had to attend, just whatever I wanted to do. Being an only child, being alone is no problem at all. I can keep myself entertained.

Anyway... I had noticed a fine looking lady at the conference and had been eying her for two days. She seemed to be by herself as well and I tried to accidentally be near her during lunch or breaks. We made a bit of eye contact a couple of times, but me not being a real ladies man I didn't keep it going, but she caught me looking a few times. I think that actually worked out better. I did notice a couple of guys make the attempt to captivate her attention a time or two, but she didn't say much in return. Well the conference had a dinner on the 3rd and final night and I wasn't going to go but figured I might catch a glimpse of her and as luck would have it, she was there. She was with a few people from earlier in the day so I figured I'd eat, look around a little, and call it a night. I had already packed so it was going to be a boring night.

Well before long I was at the bar and getting a drink and she came up for one as well. I smiled and she said hi. Well that was my chance to take it as a start so I asked her if she already had a table and she said no. The people she was with were leaving to go out on the town a little. So... we ate dinner. She was fun and sexy and didn't talk a lot about her life so I took that as a don't ask subject. I did the same. She was wearing a wedding ring so I knew she was married, but she was very pretty and my mind wandered into what could be, even though I figured there was no chance.

She wanted to dance, but I'm no dancer and I begged off even though I wish I could have because she was so nice. Well she said I needed another drink to loosen up some and ordered us some more. Next thing I know we're dancing and having a great time. There just seemed to be a moment and I kissed her on the dance floor. I apologized immediately because she looked a bit shocked. She said not to worry, and I said sorry again. She quieted me by kissing me...and she really kissed me. I said jokingly, 'OK I guess I wasn't sorry!' she laughed and we headed off the floor. We went outside and she said she didn't know how to say it, but she wanted to have a fling and she didn't want to explain why or how or who she was or where she was from or know who I was. Again, jokingly I asked 'my place or yours?' and she said she'd prefer my room so she could leave and I wouldn't know where or who she was. Thank goodness I packed!!!

Well without all of the details (sorry I have no time to write them now). We had a BLAST!!! When we were done she kissed me and said she had to run and call her husband before bed. She left, and she wasn't around the next morning. I looked, trying not to be looking all too hard so I didn't worry her I was trying to snoop. I just wanted to see her one last time. No luck. What a night...what a memory!!
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I had a similar experience, and nothing like it ever happened again. It was at a legal conference many years ago, so there were only about 7 women among the 200 or so men. We had come in from all parts of the country so few of us knew each other. In a stadium-style lecture hall, she appeared at the top of the room and walled down to the fourth row. She was tall, in a short skirt, with a good figure, and in her mid-20s. She was by far the most attractive woman in the room, and all eyes followed her to her seat. Like you, I'm no ladies man, so I just thought I would be admiring her from afar. <br />
<br />
However, the stars aligned, and I found myself talking to her at the first evening get aquanted social hour. A bunch of us went out to dinner, including her and me. I found out she was married, but that didn't stop a number of men from hitting on her. Without planning, my laid-back attitude worked to my advantage. We started hanging out with another woman and a couple of other men. After several days, she and I were avoiding other people. One afternoon, the other woman suggested we do something after the end of the day, and she said she just wanted to rest in her room. I begged off too, went up stairs, but immediately came down the back stairs. After checking to see if the corridor was empty, I knocked on her door. She opened it laughing because she figured it was me. I quickly went in. She sat on the bed and I sat in a chair while we chatted about nothing. Then I looked at her and one of the cheesiest lines there is. "I get these vibes between us." She neriously acknowledged she felt it too. Even though she was married, we decided to act on that attraction, and I ****** her that very afternoon. We ****** at least once every day for the rest of the conference. That turned out to be only the beginning of the story.

You should submit it as a separate story. I like it.

Oh, I\'ve written a number of stories about wild times I had with her. She became my second long- term girlfriend, and her name was Linda. I used her name in the stories I wrote about her. Read and enjoy.

I\'ve read your stories before, but I didn\'t know the girl is Linda! It\'s great to know how you get to know her, I think you should submit this so people will read this as a little introduction to your other stories :)

Thanks for the suggestion.

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