I Swear I Was Separated.

This happened many years ago while I was separated from my wife. My wife and I did get back together but for a whileI considered by self a free man. I was about 28 at the time and Since I was 18 I had rarely been without a girl friend. There were not a lot of girl friends, I tended to get involved and stick with it. So I had never picked up a woman and had sex with her. In other words, no one night stands.

There was a conference a 100 miles away from where I was living back in a town where I had lived for a couple of years. I had a lot of friends back there so I decided to go to the meeting and crash with a friend. The first day was kind ofuneventful. I went to the meeting and saw a few friends. Someone I kind of knew was there at the meeting with a woman who worked for him. We chatted a little. She was sexy in that loose kind of sloppy blond way. She had nice **** that were very large and hung down nicely. She was pretty but not beautiful. But her **** were certainly great assets. I guess I was something of a frustrated breast guy as my wife had nice but small ones and she didn't like having them licked,or sucked, and I aslo really loved big nipples. My wife was short changed in that department. This girl reminded my of my first girlfriend from when I was 17 but I was too young and inexperienced to really get as much sexually out of that relationship as I could or should have.

The 2nd day things got really rolling. That evening, some of my friends were having a party and the booze was really flowing. As things work, out the girl
from the first day was there and some other guy was flirting with her pretty heavily. I kind of took that as a challenge. I wandered of wander over and started flirting with her also. I remember he was foreign and had the accent advantage. We went back and forth Things went well and we were all drinking pretty heavily. I am kind of a quite guy until i get a few drinks in me and the booze was adding to my charm. Still not sure if it was the booze I was drinking or the booze she was drinking that added to my charm. Regardless, it worked out the three of us and several others went to dinner and continued drinking. We ended up somewhere else after dinner and I was able to close it out with her leaving the other guy to wander off to someone else.

I ended up leaving with her and went to her apartment. The booze didn't have and influence on my ****. I was starting to get hard in the car and as we walked in she stroked me on top of my pants and that completed the job of getting my **** rock hard. I guess I am at the 6 in average but I felt a lot bigger right then and I am pretty thick as that's one of the problems with my wife. She has trouble with the girth (one kid but by C section).

We went immediately to her room and we ******** each other as fast as we could get out clothes off. As soon as I saw it I  was in love with her ****. She had a light blond bush that didn't at all hide her prominent lips. Made my mouth water just looking. I had her on the bed and was burying my face between her mellons and squeezing them around my head. She had great big nipples just like I love them. I loved sucking on her nipplesn and getting her breasts slick. Lucky for me, she loved having her **** played withgreat pleasure in licking, and sucking them.  I would pull on nipple with my fingers while sucking hard on the other. With hre breasts slick my face could slide easily between them as would my **** a little later.

She was wild and loud and that just added to the feelings and the hardness of my ****.. I started stroking her thighs, spreading her legs, Lightly running my fingers closer and closer to her ***** She started a load moan as my fingers moved across her *****. I could feel she was just getting wet. I brought those first few drops of her moisture up to my lips with my fingers and spread it on them. I moved up and we started kissing deeply, She knew i had just tasted her and our kisses were deep and almost frantic, I ran my hand down her stomach, and just across her ***** and ****, As i moved my palm down along her slitf following my fingers I could feel it move over her ****. Her **** was hard and protruding  and it  and would turn out to be larger than any i had played with before. I repeated the movement of my palm and fingers across her ***** lips. I wanted her wet and slick, i wanted her to drench my hands and face but I need to get her ready.

I started slipping one finger between her inner lips as I moved my hand back and forth across her ****. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, soon she would be ready . She was burying her face in my neck and sucking where she starting to moan louder and louder. She seemed to be have a religious experience. She took hold of my **** and and moved her hand stroking me, making me harder. I could feel the ***** starting to ooze her tasty moisture. I pulled back from her ***** and touched myself. Finding some of the *** and brought it to her lips. She sucked my fingers as I pushed them deep into her mouth and then replace my fingers with my  tongue. As I pulled them out I move two fingers back to her and
pushed deep into her *****. She kept getting louder and louder as I stroked repeatedly into her ****..

I loved her reactions she was so loud and obviously enjoying my fingers penetrating her *****. She was starting to really get drenched. I locked my mouth down on her and moved so my body was pressing against her. I had two fingers in her ***** and was pulling them harder and harder up into her **** as my palm moved against her ****. I didn't know about the g spot then but I must have found it. I could feel her trembling and pulled my mouth off of hers. Then she screamedout "yes yes" and "harder, deeper" over and over as I keep moving my fingers as deep into her as I could go. She told me to to go harder and faster.and I kept it up as she trembled under my hands and body. I thrust in one last time and she kept my fingers in as her trembling subsided. Then I brought two fingers up to her mouth and pushed them in for her to suck. After she licked them clean I quickly
followed with my mouth. I had succeed. Her ***** was hot and soaking and ready for me to bury my face in it. Can you tell I love oral sex and licking deep into a woman's *****? I licked and sucked her huge ****. I wrapped my lips around it and licked as fast and lightly as I could. Soft licks and then intense sucking on the ****. .She screamed and yell "**** me ****" me. So just after i felt her *** and soak  my face I  moved up and kissed her deeply. This put me in the perfect postion to follow my tongue with my ****. I had her on her back and I slid my **** in. She had a moment to adjust and then I was balls deep in her *****. She was yelling " **** me deeper"  over and over. I gave her the best  I could and then blasted into her as she let out a huge moan and squeezed me dry.

Eventually we went to sleep. I woke up late and had to rush to make my talk at the meeting. I saw her after and she told me her roommate was pissed that we had kept her awake so long with the noise. Those were the days.
Tee53 Tee53
56-60, M
Aug 11, 2010