I Lost My Virginity

I was what some would consider "young". I was with a guy I had been dating on and off for a while. I was drunk, just not drunk enough to forget the experience. We went to his uncles house where he'd been staying at around 10pm. When we walked in his uncle was awake and trying to convince us to watch the Ten Commandments ( I guess I should have watched it). After about 10 minutes of protesting I got up to use the bathroom. I came out and his uncle had went to bed. We sat on the couch and started making out when he told me how much he loved me and needed me blah, blah,blah. Then he said " I'm not telling you this to get in your pants". Needless to say 10 min. later we were banging on the couch next to his uncle's wide open bedroom. Im sure he heard everything but I didnt stick around long enough to find out. But before I left he showed me a letter his ex-girlfriend had wrote to him the day before say she thought she was pregnant with his child. The next morning I told him I didn't want to see him anymore.
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i lost my virginity the same way except it was a girl who broke up infact it was my best mates sister and it is the greatest thing in the world i am still with her and we have a 6 month old baby girl together x x

I agree, I always found it offputting and a turn off. I have met a lot of guys who have said things like they love me, as you say just to try it on and I was wise enough not to believe a word of it, or give in either. Oddly the rare occasion I had a one night stand, was when I was very sure of myself and the guy didn't blurt out some lie about loving me or not trying to get into my pants. At least then it was obvious and no pretense. I do feel bad for the poster of this discussion though and wouldn't have liked a situation like that.

As a guy I have some advice.<br />
NEVER believe this phrase "I am not saying this to get in your pants." That is the biggest lie a guy can ever tell you.

what an *******.anyway i hope u had enjoyed the sex at least.Did he hurt u during it?

I guess it's safe to say you didn't stay long enough to have an ******..LOL

Oh the rat - he coulda told you before hand!!!!!!!!!!

yep god tried to warn you

The Ten Commandments part was simply brilliant. Thanks for sharing this great story!

YEP!! You shoulda stuck with watching The Ten Commandments!! lol. This story would have fit under I Know Irony!! lol