Never Really Meant For Them to Be Like That

 i just become infatuated  very easily ... and  when i was younger i kinda had one and the guy andi ended up together for almost three yrs .. So i guess from that i found this false belief " so thats how you get love " and kept doing it ...  but ive realize dnow that im 26 thats not what i want or how i want to get a relationship my body is wayy to important for that
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1 Response Mar 25, 2007

I kinda done that too!!! Because of bad experiences I found that I would sleep with people for the affection, I didn't enjoy the sex always but I went through with it because it made me feel wanted, even if it was just for a few minutes it felt worth it. I have no regrets though, I learnt a lot about myself from that time in my life.