I Think I've Probably Had About 30

One night stands, and yes I am a guy. I keep a tally on the women I've been with and it's about 56 or so, give or take. And I didn't start sleeping with a lot of women till I was about 30-31, I fell for a chick and she broke up with me, and her and before I rarely got laid. Well a friend introduced me to the "pickup artist" scene so I started going out more and more. My goal every weekend at the bars is sex. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't but I'd say 25-30 in the last 2 years, not bad for one nighters :) Nothing like bringin a new girl home, or go to her place and shooting a nice warm load into her!(hey I don't carry rubbers on me, and they suck anyway!) :)
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Oh and btw I'm 32