It Turned My Life Around..

After my first marrage of 12 years came unglude I found a small trailer out in the woods and after work I would go home ande either work on my Bike or playu with my dog then go to bed I did that for almost a year on the week end I would have to drive 5 hours to see my kids then get home by monday morning to start another week. When my Bike was finally back up and running I started goingh into town or just go out cruising in the country.I had just about given up on finding another woman and sure wasn't looking for one, the first one cost me evrything I owned. But I stopped at a bar on a friday night It felt good to get out and  ordered a Jack and Coke and was sitting there just relaxing when a good looking lady sat down next to me and asked if I could buy were what I was drinking I said sure and got her a drink we sat at the bar and talked about all kind of stuff and I learned that she had two kids, her mother was baby sitting, and she just found out her husband was cheating on her out in west Texas. She found out I was divorced, broke, and living in a camper out in the woods WOW sge looked to be very well dressed so I figured after a few drinks she would be on her way. Around 10 or 11 she asked if we could take a ride on my Harley she had never road on a motorcycle and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so we left the bar we were at and went bar hoping on the harley by the time we closed the last bar it was 3:00 in the morning and we were 50 miles from the house I didn't ask but pulled into a Holiday Inn parking lot and told her I needed to eat something before we got back on the road and headed for the house once we sat down she told me she wanted to use the ladies room then call her mother and check on her kids I went to the front desk and got a room then went back to the table and when she returned she said the kids and her mother were asleep so I pushed the key over to her side of the table and she just looked and asked me what that was for and I told her it was for what ever she wanted. she took the key and we paid the check and headed for the room she went into the bath room and returned in just her bra and panties and quickly got under the covers she was beautiful but a lot more nerves then me I told her that I never cheated on my wife and it had been 13 years since I had slept with another woman and she told me she was a virgin when she got married so I was her second man. I asked if she was sure she wanted to do this and before I could speak she had my **** out of my pants and it was on we made LOVE right side up up side down from the front, from the back and any posistion in between and finally fell a sleep around the time the sun was coming up. I snuck into the bath room and called and told them we would be checking out late and went back to bed, when was woke up we made love again and then had to get up clean up and get on the road. I needed to make a quick stop at a harley shop to pick up a part I had ordered and she got a harley tank top and a pair of harley panties and went to the ladies room and put her stuff on she looked great and we went to the house she was having a great time and I was loving the female to talk to again when we get right out side of town she asked if we copuld go to my house so she could change back into her own clothes before I took her back to her car. and I said yes she changed fixed her haid tried to cover her sun burn and I drove her back to her car in my truck she quickly got out jumped in her car and drove off. She never asked me my name and never told me hers and I never saw her again although I looked for months to see her some place in town it never happened. but she got me out of my shell and I didn't what to klime back into it and started going out and met my wife and have been married 21 years and it's been a great ride..
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What a nice story. It would be a little easier to read if you would click "Edit this story" and then run the spell check on it, to correct the few spelling errors that crept in. But I enjoyed it very much!