And Why Not.

I use to have a few one night stands. I was completely safe ie condoms, the good old look for signs of STDs... I always made sure I did it with someone with whom was a friend or shared a mutual friend with (so I wasn't in danger.) All in all it was great fun.
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I got myself tested before I got married, I pretty much knew I wouldn't have anything as I have always been careful but I know that sometimes your not as careful as you think you've been if that makes sense. Anyway it was still nice just to have that piece of mind

Just thought I would finally reply to your comment and let you know I am STD free and so is my partner who I have a long term relationship with.

You can be with one person and get an STD. We had a nurse come to our school back in the day for some sort of sex awareness thing and she said that if you sleep with one person it is like sleeping with all the people they slept with. And if your partner slept with one person but that person slept with a lot of people, then that just ads to the chain. You can Get an STD on the first try even if the one you had a one night stand with one person. Your always in danger if you are not knowledgeable of the things you do.