My Wifes Hot Night

A nice story that my wife wanted to share......

"I met him in the club, he was really good looking and I could tell he was well built and kept in good shape. He came over and smiled and was very charming, I was interested in him straight away and took up his offer to dance. We went to dance floor and were straight up against each grinding to the sex music, he had his hands on the small of my back and they were inching their way down to my ***. He was really sexy and I was beginning to melt with him we started to kiss, softly at first and then a lot more passionately, really leaning into each other. Inevitably, I could feel him harden as our groins rubbed against each other and between kisses we exchanged knowing eye contact acknowledging his erection. If only he could have felt how wet I was and how or horny he was making me. I’d forgotten the friends I had gone to the club with by then and after the last year of my sexless relationship with my worthless ex; I was uncharacteristically up for some hot sex with a stranger. I’d decided to take the initiative and worry about it later. I reached down with my hand to rub his sizeable bulge which surprised him and whispered in his ear.
“Would you like to come back to my place?”
“Are you sure?” He replied.
I smiled, nodded and took his hand and led him to exit, huge smile on my face making it clear to everyone what we leaving to go and do, but I didn’t care. After a very short wait for a taxi, we got in and I gave the address to driver and found his hand stroking my bare thigh as my skirt had lifted up as I sat down. I turned to him and our lips met again and the electricity was instantly there as our hands began exploring each other, his fingers tracing my thighs reaching for hot wet thong and with his thumb, he began to circle and rub my ****. It was incredibly hot to be fooling around like this in front of the driver because this is something I defiantly had never done before, particularly with a stranger. I in turn squeezed his muscular legs and rub the very clear erection which was desperate to break out of his jeans; it seemed to be a normal size but was nice and hard. As hot as this was, the anticipation of being with him and letting him having his way with me was unbearable but at the same time, the thrill of the taxi driver’s sly glances into his mirror to watch us was amazing.

We arrived at my apartment and I let us in and it seemed for a moment that the frenzied attraction between us was turning into something awkward as we both kind of stood there facing each other. My heart was pounding with nerves and I felt I needed to make the next move myself so I reached up and pulled my dress straps down and slipped it down over my knee high boots and stepped out of it leaving only my boos and the skimpy thong I had on. His eyes went straight to my breasts and scanned the rest of my body and I felt great seeing the pure lust in his eyes as he stepped forward and took me by the waist and started to kiss me again. His hands followed the same route as his eyes just had where he caressed and squeezed my breasts and *** made me feel so hot.

We shuffled over to the bedroom where he guided me down to the bed and removed his shirt revealing a really slim but muscular and defined body. I could see that he had those protruding hip muscles that I loved to see in men and I was excited about seeing what other surprises he had for me. He kissed and liked my excited nipples and worked his way down my body to remove my thong down past my boots. He kissed his way back up my legs teasing me with anticipation and I could feel my **** aching for his touch. When it happened, it was delightful.

His tongue flicked across me and he began to suck and lick all over my ***** in an intense but controlled way, I could tell he knew what he was doing and wasn’t too over eager. He lay there and let him eat me while I rubbed my thighs along the side of his head. He brought up his hand to slowly rub my **** while his tongue went down to lick my ***** and when he entered me, lapping away my back arched suddenly in ecstasy. I could feel it building and soon enough I was bucking and ******* in a glorious ****** as my moans filled the room. It went on and on as he didn’t stop and I was in no hurry to stop him either as this was the first time I’d come even close to ****** in well over a year.

When he did stop, my ***** was so tense from the ****** that I needed some time to relax a bit even though I was desperate to have this stranger **** me. I slid out from under him and he took the hint and lay down on his back with what was clearly a look of excitement as he looked down to me while I undid his belt and pulled his jeans off. The bulge underneath his boxes was bigger than I thought and I decided to make him wait a bit longer by rubbing it over his shorts. I knew hew was desperate for me to take it out but I was having fun and besides, good things come to those who wait. I slid his shorts down and checked my self when I saw his **** properly for it was a thing of beauty. It wasn’t fully erect but it was still the biggest I had ever seen in.

I took it in my mouth and devoured it, I was too horny to mess around anymore and within seconds I could tell it became fully hard and it was glorious. I licked and sucked as much of it as I could because it was ******* big and played with his balls which were also big and smooth. My ex had a rubbish **** and didn’t like foreplay but this guy was gonna get my best efforts. I could hear him moaning as I used my hand to help me give him pleasure but at this stage I wanted this great **** in me.

I took his **** out of my mouth and climbed up to sit on top of him, I breathlessly told him to pull out when he was ready to *** and he nodded. I sank down on him and the feel of his huge **** pushing up into my freshly orgasmed ***** was unbelievable. I had never felt anything this good before and I rocked on him at increasing speeds letting his **** fill me up more and more. His hands were on my **** and mine were on his chests and the other was reaching back to caress his balls. I brought my legs up further so I could squat over him and dip down further and within seconds I knew I was going to *** again as his **** went all the way in and whatever it was hitting, it was ******* great. “****” was the only understandable word which came out of my mouth as I came even better than the first time and as I did he rubber my **** again to start off another chain reaction.

I sank down slightly delirious and he quickly turned me over so we were in the missionary position and slammed into me with such vigour that it was clear he was in a hurry to ***. Instead of being pissed off I was in heaven as I loved being ****** hard and he was doing it so well that I wasn’t sure that my ****** had started again or had never stopped. He was really going for it and then he suddenly pulled out and came on my **** and stomach which I wasn’t expecting but didn’t care too much for as at least he pulled out. I was still ******* and it was glorious.
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great story