The Very Best

I have had quite a few one night stands, I always enjoyed the rawness of the sex, how dirty it always was, and that you could do so much nasty stuff to each other. My best ever one night stand happened even though we didn't actually have sex.

I met Heather online, and it didn't take long before we both wanted to hook up. Unfortunately the day we arranged she was experiencing her period, which put us back about a week. So we had a whole week of sending some dirty texts to each other to decide what we wanted to do. I told her that the first thing I wanted her to do was to take all her clothes off in front of me, giving me a great look at her naked body. I then wanted her to sit or lie back, totally nude, and spread her p u s s y lips apart so that I had a great view of her p u s s y. I then asked her what she wanted from me first. She said that I should then ***** for her, and I she would start sucking my d i c k. I asked heather how much she liked to suck d i c k and she told me that she loved it as much as having sex ual inter-course. Now most people I know would love to have sex all night long, so I asked her if she would suck my d i c k all night too. Heather said she had never done that or tried that, but it sounded like a great way to spend a night. We arranged a night to meet up. For the next week, we sent messages to each other to build sexual tension, such as what her favourite position for sucking d i c k was, and whether she wanted warning when I was going to c u m. I did tell her I didn't want her to swallow straight away but to keep my c u m in her mouth for as long as possible. Her reply was, "Mmmmm, to really taste it?" I was really looking forward to this. I asked her if she shaved her p u s s y and she told me she did, and she could suck my d i c k better if I had shaved too. About an hour before we were supposed to meet, I sent her a message asking if she was going to give me the best b l o w j o b she had ever given, her reply was "And the longest".

Well I booked us a hotel room so this could be something special and text her the room number. Heather arrived and when I let her in she sat me on the bed and began slowly taking all her clothes off in front of me. I couldn't keep my hands to myself, she had big D cup t i t s and a nice smooth *****. She sat back, spread her legs and opened up her ***** lips for me. I had such a good look at her *****, checking to make sure she had shaved every hair for me. She then said, your turn now. My d i c k was so hard, even though all this had happened while I was fully clothed. I s t r i p p e d down to my underwear in front of her, and stopped. Heather started feeling my d i c k through my underwear, which made her so h o r n y especially because she was fully naked and I wasn't. Then she reached into my pants and started feeling my d i c k for real, it was so hard. Heather then pulled my underwear off and put my d i c k into her mouth and started sucking. She was sucking like her life depended on it, like she was trying to get some antidote from it. Heather sucked, and sucked and sucked. It wasn't just my d i c k she sucked but I have never met a woman who sucked my balls so much, I guess thats what made the b l o w j o b s last so long. I wasn't sure how long she was sucking but it was heaven. After almost 4 hours of sucking I blew the biggest load of c u m into her mouth. There was so much c u m that she couldn't fit it all in her mouth. She kept it in her mouth for quite a while before swallowing it all. She then had a drink of water and we introduced ourselves. What an introduction that was, 4 hours longer.

She then kneeled down in front of me, and put my d i c k back in her mouth and started sucking it again. It took a bit to get hard, but she was sucking so well that it was inevitable. Heather ended up sucking my **** for a combined total of 13 hours. I asked her if she had a sore jaw, she said she did, but it was such a pleasurable pain. I blew my load into her mouth 6 times. She gave me b l o w j o b s on her knees (3x) on my back, I ******* e d her mouth while she was on her back once, and my favourite was saved til last, her on her back with me standing behind her and lowering my d i c k and b a l l s into her mouth.

Then it was time to say goodbye, so she gave me a hug, I felt her t i t s one last time. And she gave my d i c k and b a l l s one last quick. Unfortunately it was a quick suck goodbye, not a b l o w j o b, so I didn't c u m, but it didn't matter because I had just had the best night of sexual pleasure ever. Didn't give her a kiss, didn't pleasure her. Didn't need to, she said she probably got as much pleasure as I did out of it.

So there you are, the best ever one night stand, has been a whole night of having my **** sucked. Its a shame that all women don't/wont do this
uppercut uppercut
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012