Never Had An ******!

I'm only 19. I lost my virginity at 16 to a night stand. It was the worst. It hurt so bad so he literally went in probably 3-4 times at the most and I made him stop. After that several months passed then I had sex with an ex boyfriend. He claims to have had sex with over 13 girls. His sex was horrible. We had sex about 3-4 times. He would almost always miss. His penis would always end up hitting me in the inner thigh. He sucked at it but not only that I was still tight. So everytime we would do it when he would actually get it in, it would hurt. Point blank- I had kind of a sex drive at 17-18. I had about 10 sexual partners. About 6 of them were night stands the others were actually bfs. But I never had not one ******* ******. As a matter a fact sex was so boring and dull for me. Why I kept having sex Idk. I guess I would just do it to do it. Cauae I never actually enjoyed it. I've always found women attractive. So I barely started to persue them. I've yet to have intercourse with a women but I do believe that for now I am through with men. They (the guys) would always reach their ****** during sex but I would nver reach mine -.-
Lesbihonest89 Lesbihonest89
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

You met the wrong guys. Take your time and one day you will get a stud that make your knees wobble after sex. My one night stand had the same problem like yours. After our session, she could hardly walk. She *** so much that she was like dehydrated. She love every minute with me.