Shagging The Good Samaritan

I want to begin by stressing that I dont sleep around and this was the first sex ive had (other than with my knickers or my vibrator) since I dumped my ex at easter this year.

So after a nice bath and a chat on ep with some friends I headed off to bed. As I was home alone I thought I would enjoy a nice wedgie before going to sleep. I took of my pj pants and attached my boyshorts to my headboard and moved into position. I was just settling in when there was a knock at the door.

"Damn" I thought "my brother has forgotten his key" I fixed my boxers, put my pants back on and went downstairs to let him in.

I opened the door to find Rob - his best friend - standing there.

"Andrew is pissed and has passed out in the taxi. Can you help me get him in?" Between us we managed to get Andrew (my brother) out of the taxi and up the stairs to his room to sleep it off. During the process I know that my pants dropped slightly and that Rob caught a glimpse of my knickers. But that didnt worry me. All I wanted was to get my brother safely to bed. Once Andrew was safe (lying on his stomach) we came back downstairs and I thanked Rob for what he had done and offered him a can of lager. He gratefully accepted so I opened a cider and we sat in the lounge. He told me how Andrew had been drinking Stella and after shocks. Any wonder he passed out. Me and Rob talked and had another drink. It was when I stood up to put the radio on that Rob made his first flirty comment :-

" I like your knickers " he said smiling. I just gave a cheeky grin back. We listened to Mellow Magic playing some classic love songs and talked and drank. I was starting to become a little tipsy and when Leanne Rhimes - How do I live without you came on the radio I put down my drink, took Robs can out of his hand and said "dance with me"

We held each other like you do when doing a slowy. We were both a bit wobbly but we slow danced. About halfway through the song I felt his hands moving towards my bum. I could also feel he had an erection.

"Touch my knickers" I whispered. He didnt need asking twice as his hands slipped inside my pj pants and he started rubbing them over my cotton and lycra boxers. His touch was soft and i gently gave him a kiss on his neck. Then one on his cheek. He tried to kiss my cheek in return but I moved my face so his kiss was on my lips. He pulled back slightly then kissed me again. Then again. Then a third time but this
time I opened my mouth and made iit a full on snog. His hands were stilli iinside my pants so I wiggled to make them loose and they dropped to the floor.

I was starting to really want him and could feel myself getting a bit wet. As he continued to carress my bum i stated to unzip his pants and slipped my hand inside and rub his hard **** through his boxers. I knew that this was going to end up with us shagging. I rubbed his **** and pulled it out through the fly hole of his boxers. I stopped kissing him and fell to my knees licking his shaft and kissing the tip. He inhaled deeply as i started to suck on it and as I took it all in my mouth he unbuttoned my pj top and started rubbing my breasts. This was it. With his **** still in my mouth I took off my top. I pulled away briefly and yanked his pants and boxers down. I started sucking again staring up at him as I did.

" **** me Rob " I said as I pulled down my knickers and kicked them away. I lay down on the couch with my legs open waiting for him to slide inside my wet freshly shaved fanny. It felt so good as he penetrated me and after a few moves he was in deep and giving it to me hard. I moved faster and faster to keep up with his thrusting. It felt so naughty but so good and it wasnt long before I yelled "Rob Rob" as I felt my fanny pulsate and I exploded into ******, squirting my *** all over his ****. I felt his **** thicken as he shot his warm *** inside me. It was my first ever one nighter and something I wont forget in a hurry. I dont think he will either as he kept my knickers as a keep sake

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5 Responses Dec 15, 2012

had to come back and read this again lol

lucky guy and a beautiful girl

mmmm I can relate, always fun to pay back a good dead hehe

It makes me hard. I want to jerk off reading it

wow!! that was great, gave me an erection and something to think about, thankyou x

Hmmmmm that's a very hot story.....and made me horny ;-)