During My First Marriage

I met up with this lady at a club. I bought her a few drinks. She had a fight with her sister at the club and asked for a ride home.

We stopped the car and parked in an out of the way area to talk and before I knew itmy tongue was in her mouth. We kissed for nearly a half hour and I was rubbing her arms, hips, and legs.

After swapping spit some more, she snuggled and I was able to insert my hand under her skirt and caress her to the point that she took her panty hose off and spread herself open.

I first pleased her orally, then inserted myself into her vagina between her open legs. She was loud and vocal and seemed to ****** a few times. She bared her breasts and I sucked on her nipples to our mutual enjoyment. After pumping in and out on deep strokes I finally came inside her and rested hard inside her, as excited as I was. We continued again until I was able to  *** again.

I later realized she had scratched my back up and down and I had never felt it. The car smelled of sex, we fixed our clothing as much as possible, and I drove her home.

46-50, M
3 Responses Jun 6, 2007

love it ....

It was a fun time...

Liked it as I can well u/stand how it happens. an unexpected F@uck is often the best kind you can have!