So Does That Mean Im a *****?

I am 23 years old.  I have had my share of one night stands.  Probably 3 official one night stands.  Then there were the guys that I saw only for casual sex.  I had a couple of those too.  Some of the sex was ok, some of it was spectacular.  Do I regret it?  Nope.  I am who I am.  Respecting myself is not an issue because I do.  It just seems easier to have casual sex with someone than to go about having a relationship with them.  One in particular I had a sexual relationship with off and on for 4 years.  He had a girlfriend/fiancee and I had a boyfriend.  It didn't happen that much but when it did it was good.  We weren't interested in a relationship (obviously) and if the opportunity ever presented itself I would have never been with him.  Wasn't my type.  So does that make me a hoe?
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yep..... it sure does... lolol. don't fear, most of us guys like sweet little 'hoes....

I say good for you. You do what you like and don't feel sorry for it one bit. As long as your safe and take care of your body and be open with your sex partners I see nothing wrong with it.

Agreed with previous post, although it really isn't my business. Name calling is pointless. People can do whatever they want with their lives, but if it involves other people (like fiance & your bf) then it's legitimate to evaluate such behavior as disrespectful, mildly put.

So you respect yourself and have no regrets, but you repeatedly slept with a guy who was the "wrong type" for you behind his fiance's and your boyfriend's back. Why should either of those people respect you?....if it walks like a duck and quacks like a's a duck.

I don't think you're a ***** or anything like that but I do think it's a shame that both you & the guy were involved in relationships when you two were together.<br />
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That's just my humble opinion *waits for the hate mail to arrive*

For ages now women have had the need to separate sex and love, I find it refreshing that you, among many others have finally done so.<br />
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It is nice to know you have enjoyed yourselves....both of you.

Why does the most of the western world feel sex is synonymous with love. Heck. Sex can be boring, yes sometimes to wonderful and it does not have anything to do with love. you go girl enjoy life, all of it and the heck with what anyone else might want to label it.

Some men want a woman with a "hoe" side to her. Society is very skewed. To me you are a princess!