Yep I've Had a 1 Night Stand Or ...few

The first was actually the first time I ever had sex. We actually met online and she flew down to florida to meet me. It was her first time too but after that night I broke it off because the distance was too rough... man it probably destroyed her :(

The next time was when I went up to Tennesee to visit a friend in college. We went to a party and I ended up somehow in one of the dorms down the hall with two of her friends. I woke up first thank goodness and booked it :P Don't even recall their names :P

The next time was when I was at college here and I was walking to class and this girl was just sitting outside and she shouted hey! I was lookin around but I was the only one there so I'm like whats up? She just busted out with "You wanna ****?" well that was that... don't know if you can call it a one night stand it was only a few hours and it wasn't night.

On a positive note i wore protection and have been tested since and i'm clean hehe :P

Xeno Xeno
26-30, M
2 Responses Jul 3, 2007

What a gentleman you are...SHE flew to YOU,you took her virginity & then dumped her?you're a vile specimen of pond-life.

Ok, so you already admit one of these wasn't at night. So... how many of them were while STANDING?(one night STAND.) ;}