With a guy who has such a short sick in the cr. i regretted it coz i havent came yet and he did already. He sucked big time. But he is gorgeous looking.. Fine!
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You should have taken charge and provided a little instruction. Women can do that you know

You need a life long lover who will support and cherish you for life. Don't go for one night stands, you can do better because you are special.

You need to tell him that you need to be able to come, if he struggles then he must wear a condom or get medical help to slow him down. If not he is totally selfish.
You need a man who will drive you sweetly through many ******* before he comes himself. That is love and giving!!

Anyway it was a one night stand. Cant expect much. Although he looks real gorgeous so his **** compensates

Actually, you should expect the best. If a guy is going to make love to you he should consider you FIRST! When I am intimate it is my absolute pleasure to give her as many ******* love and kisses as she can manage. I love to make love for hours!!! Not minutes.

I have a theory, tell me if you agree.

The average woman is 3-4 inches inside although it can stretch if required. If a man has a say 4 inch **** that should be good. But there is another factor. Girth. If he is very wide that should give extra pleasure. The last point is what he does with his fingers, his mouth and his **** to satisfy you.

So which do you think is most important, length, girth, or what he does to give you the greatest pleasure.

My last point is that there have been cases of guys with exceptionally long dicks tearing a woman inside because the pushed to hard.

Any thoughts on this??

Did you see I added some pictures to my profile, for you!

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What a short shame for you :(

Would love to make you ***!

How little was his ****?

As long as 3 inches- erected already