So Much Easier

im not very good at long term relationships! the longest one i have had was 3 months!

im much happier when i have 1 night stands as i can be myself n not have to worry what they think of me as they will never see me again!
Im very bad at getting bored too soon into relationmships! i miss the risk factor n the excitement of a sleeping with a new person! i hate routine etc so thats why im never satisfied n always seem to be looking for something else! even when i was with guys!

I dont have 1 night stands all the time i do have breaks when i stay very single
sazead sazead
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2007


yeah all that is true but sometimes you come up on some real psychopaths who ask you to do weird stuff. but putting the danger factor aside, it can be real advenventerous.

The true psychopaths sir, are the girls out there who can't seem to shut up about wanting a long term relationship.

I used to be the same way, getting bored all the time. Nothing wrong with having a one night stand if you both know thats all it's going to be, I have had people expect to see me again and I hated having to give them the brush off, and it could get cringey in the morning!! Dont have that problem now I'm married though lol!