Aspen, St. Patricks Day, Mutant Message Down Under, Robert Randolph, Sex!

This was a one night stand that turned in to a two night stand.

This sex was so hot!

I still have such vivid flashes of all the sexy things we did!

I loved all of it, walking around Aspen, talking about music, expensive drinks at the fancy hotels, riding the shuttle, listening to your crazy music and sex all night long in your crappy rental house.  I was so in to you.  I loved everything you said and did.

I remember being really drunk at the bar but having these serious conversations about books and you running across the bar to hold up your sweatshirt that said MUTANT MESSAGE just to prove that you had really read and loved the same book.

I remember being embarrassed seeing you on the hill the next day and then leaving you a note at your house that I wanted to see you again.

I remember sitting on a hay bale on a little hill at the end of a street where they were getting ready to build more houses.  Watching the X Games from far away and making fun of all the rich bullshit and fake people and empty pursuits and what really mattered in life.  I remember kissing and walking close and craving you.

I left you my name and how to get in touch with me, you never did.  I thought about you on the train back to IN and wrote about all the ways you had liberated me and made me feel so alive.  I bought the Robert Randolph CD and think about you every time I hear those songs.  It was such a weird CD to have sex to but somehow it worked.  You were impressive in everyway!

I think now you didn't even tell me your real name and I honestly can't believe all of the wild stuff we did.

I have no regrets, it was awesome and I'll never forget it.  As much as I wish I could have found you or kept in touch, I never could have expected how much fun it has been to just have those 2 days as memories and not need anything more.  Thanks, it was amazing.

aspenleaf aspenleaf
26-30, F
Mar 7, 2010