The First One

I have had loads of one night stands, most of which are just lost in the lust and frenzy of the moments they occured in. I do however remember my first one. Up to this point my sex had always been with boyfriends, no matter how short lived the relationship, there was at least some veneer of there being than just sex, this evening was to be different.

I was 17 and at a family wedding, it was okay and the disco in the evening was actually quite good, I got dancing with this guy who must have been a few years older me, he moved very well and it was a genuine pleasure to dance with him. He asked me if I wanted to go outside with him, I said that unfortunately my parents were watching, but he was undeterred, he said he would go outside and then I should just leave a few minutes later as if I was going to the toilet.

He left and I did as he had suggested, he was waiting near the entrance of the hotel, he took me around the side of the hotel and into the garden, we walked along a path to an outbuilding, it was dark but there was just a glint of light that my eyes soon got used to, I could hear other people, I knew that they were doing what we were about to.

He positioned me against the wall and we started to kiss passionately, pretty soon our hands were caressing each other, he was fondling my breasts and I was caressing his hard **** through his trousers. I felt his hand on my leg, he raised my skirt and then shifted my knickers to one side and began to rub my *****, I undid his fly and pulled his **** out and began to toss him off, I felt my knickers being slid down, so moved to allow them to drop to the floor, then he undid his trousers and let them fall, somehwere in all this he had produced a condom, he slid the condom onto his **** and then slid his encased **** inside me, he bucked at me and I bounced and gyrated, he was talking dirty telling me how good it felt to be ******* me, I came, then he ****** me very hard and I felt him come too. He slid out of me, pulled up his trousers, kissed me and said thank you for a great ****, he left and after straightening myself out I went back to the party. I didn't see him after our ****, and felt nothing but satisfied at the sex, I realised that I could be the sort of girl who could one night stand and have no hang ups about it.

CumbrianGal CumbrianGal
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9 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Must be really interesting. WHat did they do when they caught you in bed with a boy?

bet u did

Very sexy story. I love how it happened quickly and you knew what you were getting into before you did it. I imagine that made you ready.

That worked out great for you and us too.

so how many one nighters have you had?

Ohh gosh bet that is a tale to tell, being found out by parents. I don't think I would have ever been forgiven as mine were always strict "don't go sleeping with every odd and sod you meet" "I hope you are not risking getting pregnant" at every chance.

Parent's ignorant, well of that one, they did once arrive home to find me in bed with a boy, but that is another tale lol

What an amazing encounter! All the better for him carrying that condom as well. I assume your parents didn't know LOL.