I have anxiety/panic attacks alot. They started when I was about 10 years old I did not have the best life at home. My mom left my sister and I to move to Kuwait to work  and my dad has never taken care of my sister and I. So I had to take care my sister and myself alone. When something would go wrong I would panic and pass out. For a while the doctors thought it was because I have asthma, but unfortunately thats not the case. About a couple months ago I had a really bad panic attack because my sister was gonna make us late for school and she wasnt listening to me, so i paniced. I had my face in the pillow and I couldnt breath. My sister got my inhaler, it didnt work. So then the paremedics were called and had to come to my house. After that everyone was talking about it at school. It was very difficult for me. All the kids  at school said I was faking and I was a big joke.
polkadots14 polkadots14
13-15, F
Jul 16, 2010