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OK- I am having extreme panic disorder lately. This has been ongoing for several years now, but this is the worst it has been. It comes and goes but is back with a vengance. It's not my typical heart rate getting high panic attacks, but other things- please let me know if any of you have had these kinds of symptoms- weird pain on left side of temple on head. almost feels like nerves pinching and happens in my neck too. I know I am stressed w all of this going on but of course I am convinced there is something wrong. It makes me feel dizzy and like I can't do anything. I am on about 3 weeks of being basically non-functional. I have been on Zoloft 50 mg. for 2 weeks tomorrow but can't tell yet as expected. Xanax is about the only thing that really helps but it makes me so tired it's hard to be functional! This is affecting my life big time and I don't know what to do to make it stop! I have talked to someone for weeks but can't get control of dealing with the panic because I am scared something is physically wrong. I have had all bloodwork come back fine. Thanks for your help-advice!
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I had a panic attacks last week for the first time , in the morning i had palpitation , and worries , dont want to hear anything my kids was saying , i was very mad with them.... at the emergnecy the say it panic attack , and right now i fell i am going to have one pleasssssssssssssse help i dont know anything about please help<br />
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There are a lot of symptoms for panic attack, including numbness, shortness of breath, the feeling of dread, pain, or the feeling of having a heart attack. If you have been to the doctor and he or she has said you are fine chance are this is also something from the panic. If you haven't been you might want to go because it can be a sign of something else.<br />
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I experience numbness and I know I am not dying but I can't help feel that way and then I just am a mess since a panic attack can last for up to several hours with an attack lasting about 1 to five minutes depending.<br />
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I took Zoloft for a while but it did nothing for me basically and then was also placed on Paxil which also did nothing. Xnanax was a no go to, it took a while to find a drug that made me feel finally like my self. I am on Clonzapam 1mg taken twice a day. It has helped me a lot. Recently the doctor upped it to three times a day, the worst side effect I have had from it is headaches, you are suppose to get drowsy on it but I really don't.<br />
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It is not uncommon to be scared I have called 911 thinking I was going to die it is very real and very scary. You said your blood came back fine, I would call your doctor and let them know about this feeling you are having to make sure it is not something to do with the drug you are taking. Know you will be ok. Hope this helps :)

Those are the kind of panic attacks i had. I honestly thought i had a heart attack the first time. I couldnt even have someone a foot next to me because it would make me panic more. I hyperventilated so much that i took in to much oxygen and my hands cringed up and .......i dont know it was painful. My attacks were spontaneous but one thing that helped was i would get away from people if they were near me i would let whatever the pain or episode do its thing and by accepting it and knowing it was just another attack they decreased and they became less painful to the point i dont even have those type of attacks. Maybe every now and then i might start feeling like i cant breathe right but its for a couple of seconds. Dont let the attack decieve you, its just a panic attack think of it like that. and dont let it make you feel less of a person or embarrassed that mental thought can prolong an attack.

you're right Hyperdim...........I've used that technique before, and it is MOST definetly easier said than done. I remember walking through the mall one day, and as usual, I felt a panic attack I said to myself...."okay just go ahead and panic and get it over with"....Frightening words I know!!!...but it worked!......the attack disappeared. The other one I've tried to say to myself is "not now, I don't have time for an attack".......and yes, it went away!<br />
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So much work to retrain the brain................don't get me wrong, I still deal with them, but they don't 'scare' me like they used to.<br />

I used to get these regularly and always felt as though I was having a heart attack, and thus I became extremely terrified. (btw, I've actually had a heart attack at this point and it feels nothing like the panic attacks). I've never been to the doctor for nor taken meds for it either. But I haven't had one in at least 5 years or more and what I did to stop them was first of all tell myself that I knew I was having one and that it would pass. Trust me, I know this is easier said than done, and I know it sounds ridiculous, but sometimes (most times at first) I would have to get up and just sort of walk around in a circle in my living room telling myself that I was having one and it would go away. Sure enough, it would make it go away. As I really realized that this worked and made it go away, it got to the point where if I was having one almost as soon as I started telling myself I was having one, it would start to subside. Now I don't even start to get them at all. You can train yourself to get rid of them. I'm no great guru or anything, just another guy. Anyway, that's my recommendation as it worked for me. Good Luck to you.