Is This A Panic Attak??

whenever i get mad i start shackin and talkin back to the person then i start hittin everthing around and throwing everything around i cnt breath and i do things without thinkin and then stops after i calm down usually happens when i get really really mad its like a tantrum is this a panic attak??
monicutey monicutey
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Im not a doctor and there are plenty of sites online that go in much depth on panic attacks. Personally my panic attacksrarely were triggered by an emotion they were mostly spontaneous and I wasnt able to breathe properly which began what i would think the actual panic attack because i would freak out and began hyperventilating until i passed out or what not. Your episode sounds like its directly associated to an emotional problem or maybe you have hormonal issues, pms is associated to hormone levels changing, but i mean anyone could experience or have a problem with there hormones which can cause huge emotional deficiencies, little bouts such as yours that sometimes seem as if you can stop until you hit a wall. I think if its really progressing more than you should go see a doctor just to be safe.