More Than Just "a" Panic Attack

I get tense before going into a meeting at work. I have an automatic hatred for people I've never met. But this has been happening for a while. Why can I all of a sudden just not handle it anymore? I can no longer be in a group of my friends. During my lunch break, I have to hide out in a bathroom stall and stay away from my friends. I'm so extremely worried that I may have a very embarrassing outburst in the middle of a meeting. I feel everyone around me is an ignorant idiot. I have had to miss countless days of work and am on the verge of being fired. Thank God my boss is understanding, but it's becoming ridiculous. I desperately want to go back to work, but this condition won't allow me to behave normally in a group. My panic attacks have become more and more frequent and I cry uncontrollably every time I even think about entering the office. My life has become one constant panic attack. I'm only calm when I'm alone or with only one or two other people. For the past week, these episodes have been doubling in intensity everyday. Please, someone provide me with a solution or a way to ease the stress. I can't go on like this, it's getting really ridiculous.
CrazyBubbleMonkey CrazyBubbleMonkey
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1 Response Apr 1, 2011

Stress-related trauma can come from all sorts of places and points in life, maybe even places we aren't aware of or don't have any memory of. I can really relate to your story. :/ That used to be Me at one time. Even now, on My worst days, it still is Me. Not taking it lightly, I would recommend you seek out a good therapist/counselor or even psychiatrist in your area that specifically deals with this sort of thing. Naturally, after that, it's about making sure you connect and communicate in a clear, comfortable and professional way with them. Otherwise you likely need to seek out another person. Hopefully it won't come to that, but it could. Y'never know. But it's important to talk to somebody. THAT SAID... I'm in the middle of exactly the same kind of challenge. Plus, I'm very private. So it's very hard to take that next step of actually setting foot into some medical building or wherever the people work out of. I've just had so much in My life, I don't want to deal with anymore stress, frustration and disappointment. But I know it's gotta happen eventually, the sooner the better. I wish you the best of luck and courage to take those next steps. You're not alone in this. *hugz*