My Apparent "phony" Panic Attacks

I have not had too many panic attacks I've had a good 5 serious attacks now, and just about every time I have one of them they are regarded as fake or phony like I could fake something like that when I feel like I am going to die its just awful and it doesn't help when each time I have one I am threatened to go to the god damned hospital

Anyone else deal with anything like this?
Borderlineboy Borderlineboy
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 27, 2011

Before a doctor told my mom they weer real, my family though my panic attacks were me being a hysterical drama queen. Now they are merely regarded as an inconvenience, not a farce.<br />
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It helps that I was willing to try meds to calm them - especially since I despise medication in general. <br />
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Learning to cope when you have them helps, meds help. If you know what causes them, avoiding those places or situations will only make them worse. I found a friend who got it, and went places that make me panic with him. When I would feel them set in, he would stop and talk to me and soothe me with distractions until I wasn't completely freaking out. Sometimes I can even not have them now - provided I am in the right company.

thanks my friend helps me when I get anxious too they are putting me on xanax because my anxiety is almost every day the thing is sometimes I don't know what does cause them sometimes they just set in out of nowhere