Panic Attacks Will Devour

I had my first panic attack in health class My senior year. I never felt so many things at one in my entire life. My ears startedringing then i felt really light headed my heart started to pound out of my chest it felt like then the adrenaline kicked through my veins by now I had trouble catching my breath now I have chast pains along with numbness & tinglyness in my cheeks, arms, and fingers I feel very hot and am sweating about the time I feel like I am going to pass out I thought I was going to push everyone in my way and any desk or chair on my way out the door. As I got by myself in the hallway it started to leave, I did not stop running untill I was outside by then it was completely gone I felt really tired and sleepy after it was over. Now all I could think of is what if it comes back and of course it came back everytime I got into crowds for 18 years. well I avoided crowds and graduated high school homebound. My safe place got smaller and smaller untill I had panic attacks in my own bedroom. I got A cbt program that taught skills to work through A panic attack.  I have not had A panic attack for several months now however I can feel one brewing oh ****.
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I suffer from severe panic attacks but i do not let it control me. For me, the smell lavender and always having peppermint gum keeps me going! I force myself to get into situations that i know will trigger a panic attack so i can work hard to control them and figure out what the triggers are so they will stop. DO NOT let this disable you! You are able to control it. It just takes some time! Start slow and work on putting yourself in situations that trigger your panic. Good luck to you and i hope you are able to overcome this disorder!

You have some positive hopefull ideas. I am doing somewhat better than I was. I can go to the grocery store and the doctor alone now without A safe person. Even though there are days I have no anxiety or panic attacks, they allways return. How do you force yourself to go? i need some ideas.

that is exactly what i would always do as well kelsp12..the worst thing you can do 1woody, is to isolate, and stop going out and pushing yourself. Easier said than done i know!! Do you have anyone who could accompany you sometimes?...malls were a hard one for me...but i love to shop, so i refused to let my panic attacks stop me. I remember starting to have a panic attack, and i said to myself..ï don't have time for this...but go ahead bring it on" .....and it went away ;) give no attention to your attacks....another easier said than done....just keep trying

No I dont have anyone who could accompany me, I live alone. I almost have the panic attacks under control, what my problem now is the anxiety and nervousness every day so bad I cant enjoy anything when I do force myself to go out. At least the panic attacks didnt last all day long and happen everyday like the anxiety does.

sometimes it's the awful ánticipatory' anxiety that's the worst as well..

I agree

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well i have panic disorder, (although pretty controlled through meds)...and suffered panic attacks for years. As hard as it is.. and clearly the hardest thing you will ever do is GO OUT!!! must force yourself to go out, even if it's the corner store..anything!..just go...avoidance is the worst thing you can do for panic/anxiety. I almost became agoraphobic, from the fear of recurring panic attacks.<br />
sillylilme: i do agree that the lights and hustle bustle contribute to anxiety.

what are some good meds?

I dont experience these.

What do you experience?

I really hope this CBT program keep working for you, and opens up the world to you. Best of luck, my friend.

oops keeps

thank you, some days it works, some days it takes too much work..