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The World At A Stand Still

When I have a panic attack, it always seems like the world is at a stand still. Nothing is around me and all my mind is concerned about is the overwhelming/consumed feelings of the panic attack. I have always had panic attacks before. Before in high school I knew how to control it and let it surpass me. Now when I have it, I feel like Its my depending doom or something. Before taking my Lexapro, my panic attacks were out of control.

I remember anticipatory attacks. I would sit around and think of negative thoughts or things that could happen to me and I would always anticipate my next attack. Those were the worst. I always think, even till this day, that my panic attacks are the worst, which I know isn't true.

When I go into panic mode I never fight it, I try and flight. The first reaction I get is to hide. To just run. Where to? I couldn't tell you. I just feel like fleeing the situation, the uncomfrotable ness, the feeling of dying, or passing out. I used to hide underneath my blankets when having panic attacks because I thought if I hid underneath my blankets it was just me and only me. Not me and the world which I was afraid of. I would bend over into a fetal position and breath in brown bags. I would constantly check my pulse, to see if my heart would just stop or explode for some odd reason. I would just await my appending doom and just think to myself this is the last time I will be alive.

Long and behold after taking my xanax, I was just fine. Till this day I struggle with them and I still breath in brown bags, I still carry my xanax with me, and I still want to flee, but after research beyond research, and my program. What I realize is YOU are the cause to your panic attacks. There is no safe person, no safe place like I once had thought. It's true and its frightening to even imagine that. When I read that I was like YEAH RIGHT, whatever. My house is safe, the hopsital is safe. Well it isn't. Ever wonder why when you have a panic attack you think of going to the doctor and if you do you usually feel better within just getting there because YOU put in your mind that this is safe but technically there is no safe place.

I still have struggles but one thing I do know from having so many attacks is I'M STILL ALIVE. I'm still kicking it. I'm breathing and there was no appending doom. Is it scary, absolutely but will anything happen to you, absolutely not. It's a state of mind and I hope that I can show people that having a panic attack isn't the end of the world. If it was, I would have been long gone.

Remember, YOU are your safe place, YOU are your own safe person!
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I've had those panic attacks too, so understand all this. Your own advice is the best. remember that you are your safe place. And take time to be kind to yourself, and do some stuff just for you.

Everything you wrote is true. I've had panic attacks for years and placed on many medications and seen many doctors and hospitals in my times. Nothing worked for me. I got addicted to xanax and once taken off I went threw horrible withdrawals and the meds they put me on only caged the attacks until I stopped taking them. from those medications I now have brain shocks and the panic attacks are worse and have them daily. What I've learned through all this is control. Like you said you won't die. I find someone to talk too and that helps a little. But if u can focus on something to take your mind off then then u will be fine. Sometimes the fear is overwhelming but u always need to know that u can't die from them.

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I'm having a panic attack and this helps so much. I just need something to show me, no, I'm not dying. I'm sorry that others have to go through it, but please know you've helped a lot!

Awwww I'm glad I could. I have them as well, and its terrifying for me but all I keep telling myself is that I'm not going to die and that I'm the only person causing this panic attack and usually that brings me back to normal. If you ever would liek to talk I know how much it's helped me your more than welcome to message me anytime =) Your in my thoughts.

i wish i had words of wisdom for you .but i dont .<br />
just to say .if im on and you need to talk just give a yell.<br />
i WILL try to be there for you.go green

I couldn't say thank you enough. It's great ot have support andd to know that I have someone to run to when I need it. Thank you!

I do understand the panic attacks, have had them for a while!

Have you really? For how long if you don't mind me asking. Its freightening in my opinion. It just makes me avoid EVERYTHING =(

Since 1990 and have to cope

boy i read some great advice for you so why am i even trying i think the most important thing to realize is our brain chemistry is not like ppl who don,t have this illness so with our brain chemistry out of wack the attacks may appear if we could get our brain chemistry to change our problem would be over, so then its a matter of how we respond to the thoughts and the attack itself yes meds help , praying to GOD certainly will help we tend to respond fearfully to negitive thoughts which causes more anxiety if we can just stand back and not respongd to these thoughts they will get less and the anxiety would get less but its easier said than done you are on the right track keep on going forward if a setback takes place you just get up and start over you are young and more information may be coming out in the near future to help even more you will be ok i know it time is involved and patience with the illness and yourself but in the end you will see growth. GOD BLESS YOU , VINNY

i miss my old friend lex. I am definitely not my own safe place or person, but like that attitude. no there are no safe places, once we are conceived and that cell first divides we are in harms way. though there are far worse things that can happen to us than death, and death has the power to save us from those worse things. so its all good in the panic hood.

You make valid points. I mean I know nothing is ever safe but to know that I am the one causing the panic unless I'm literally in a life or death situatoin. It calms me down a bit. Just a matter of how people handle it themselves but I hope that you as well as I can find that for ourselves.

I just saw this but I will check this out. Thank you for the help, I appreciate it. &lt;3

i go thru the same thing with panic attacks i always carry my clonopin with me i want to hide when an attack comes on i get so anxious i staet sweating and wany yo hide in the ground i am using paxil they both help with my anxiety and ocd which is an anxiety ba<x>sed illness i wish you good luck .hope you will be fine vinny

Thank you for the wishes. I'm sorry you deal with that. I feel the same EXACT way when I have a panic attack besides the fact that I'm going to die and my hearts going to stop but other than that I know what you go through. I'm glad you do have medicine that helps you. I have mine as well but it def doesn't take the fear away but it helps cope which is great. So you have OCD? You know here recently I started to get very OCD about stuff. I don't like to drink out of peoples cups anymore, I don't even like people touching the rim of my cups when filling up my cup it's weird and my parents are like wow you never used to be like that. Anyways I hope we can talk it would be great to have someone who can relate under such circumstances =(

thanks we will talk about bothif you like it is nice to know you are not alone

Thank you for sharing this and giving me and others a little insit to what you are going through. Know I kind of understand what this is like for people who go though this.It sounds like you have a great attitude in trying to deal with it. You are truely a great person and I wish you the best of luck in getting this under control.

thank you always for the kind words and support. Your truly an amazing person yourself. It's kind of hard writing my story only cause I'm afraid people won't understand but it is good to just put yourself out there and hopefully find people who can relate with you or even not just people who can be a support for you as well. So thank you!

You are welcome. Sometimes it is good to just get things off your chest even if people do not always understand. The way you explained it people will understand.
I also think you are a great person.

HI,<br />
<br />
are you on any kind of long term anxiety meds? i dropped mine and now i'm handling on my own. I can get done but gets draininig. Do you ever feel tired of trying, tired of doing teqhniches everytime panic attacks happen? I just need peace of mind, and seems i can handle but the thoughts and techniques make me tired.

Hey Elio7,

I totally know exactly what you mean. I am on long term meds a year this month actually I'm on Lexapro. For me it has helped, without it I don't think I could function normally honestly. BUT I know what you mean. It's soo exhausting/overwhelming/ draining. I couldn't even begin to tell you how I feel. If you ever like to talk about it, I'm always free and open to listen. It's great to just have someone who knows what your feeling and going through. best of wishes, you a huge step ahead of everyone though cause your not taking medicine so thats def a plus. I hope to hear from you =)

I definitely can empathize with your story. My anxiety is incredibly overwhelming. In conjunction with anxiety- I have depression :) lucky me. Anyway, I am just saying regardless of whether or not I am happy or trusting, when it comes to being understanding and if ever needed (lol...right) I am there!

hey you genuwinely caring guy =)) I know this already so thank you. You've been a great person to have around in my life, so remember that =))) wish I saw this earlier but lucky me just saw this lmfao.

well lots of comments- but, I experience this as well. I do and it freaks me out. It happens at random too. But- it is what is and im still moving!

Yeah I know what you mean. Mine is sooo random and its frightening but we just gotta keep facing it =)

If you were home, sitting in your favorite comfy chair, but were blindfolded and had a set of noise canceling headphones on (basically not able to get much stimulation from outside sources but safe) and in the headphones you were told you were outside in a crowded plaza. Would that bother you?

This is a great question. I know that my mind is the is telling me that I am afraid to go out. My mind causes the panic attacks and fears - not allowing me to go out. I am going to try this... I will let you know what happens. I do know that it's a form of therapy that I have never tried - yet... Leena

Not looking to get all clinical but I have found milestones, mixed with a little relativism and mental math to work well with my triggers. My analogy: lift 40 pounds five times = 200 lifted. I can also get to 200 by lifting 2 pounds 100 times... What allowed something to be safe that one time; change the amount or a condition by pre defined (and assumed equally safe) amounts but keep it in your range a safety. My mental math calculations also keep part of my brain occupied.

That is a great idea...I work out a lot and that helps a lot. It gets rid of a lot of tension and although you still do feel some anxiety, you do feel a little bit better. Leena

There are some grounding techniques you can use - my therapist taught me some but when I am having a panic attack I feel helpless. I try to breathe it out but that's so hard to do...I usually end up in tears. When I have to go out I just put the radio on so that it distracts me or I pray. I think that the praying helps the most.<br />
<br />

I know what you mean. I def have learned some techniques but simply reading about panic attacks and I try them but no matter how much I try and use them I also end up in tears. It just scares the heck out of me. It's such a terrifying feeling but I'm glad you found comfort in praying. I do that as well and it helps keeps me calm. I hope your attacks are less and less you such a sweet person it makes me sad that your even going through it.

Thank-you for that - it means a lot. Some people just don't get it, you know? Unfortunately there is no magic button that we can push to take away our panic attacks. Therapy does help a bit, but I don't understand how people can just tell us to get over it and that we are in control of our panic attacks. If that were true than we wouldn't HAVE them and if I go off my meds my bipolar and panic attacks send me over the roof. There is something wrong with our brain chemistry. This is why we need meds to control them...and even then sometimes they don't work. I was talking with my psychiatrist and he said that 1 in 5 people have mental illness and many of them aren't on meds and he said that they should be. I know how terrifying it is---I GET it. What works for some doesn't always work for others. For me though, I can't just decide to be strong and control my way of thinking and I don't just dwell on my mental issues...I take it one day at a time. I hope that you feel better soon because you are young and caring and you have your whole life ahead of you. Leena

I know what you mean. I can totally relate to eveyrtihng your saying. It's like people don't get where we come from. If it were that easy we wouldn't be in this situation riht. It's just crazy but I'm glad meds are working for you. Mine are as well it helps lessen it but it never takes the fear away which sucks but I think if we keep pushing and making small strides we'll be unbeatable =) I'ts great to have someone who can understand what your going through and just know how your feeling. It is unfortunate that we both have to go through it but you are young as well. I'm glad to just be able to talk to you and as well met on here. Best of wishes to you. Your an amaazing genuwine person I wish the best for you in your life. Thank you for the kind words and support as well.

Christine, You are so very right, you are in control of you, no-one else is in control of you, I used to have panic attacks too, but I don't have them anymore. I had a good counselor and I took psych meds too, but mine were for anger reasons. I had to just mellow out. I know that sounds easy to do, but it was not. I quit the meds myself because I felt it had passed, but the most important thing to remember is that fact that you are in control. You yourself can kick this altogether, but you just have to put yourself into perspective with the real world. You are right about there not being any safe place, but don't dwell on that. Dwell on what you have to do or how you have to chang your thinking so you don't have these attacks anymore. That is alot easier said than done, but it is possible. Remember, the solution to the problem is not in the problem. When you start feeling like that occupy your mind with something else to distract those feelings. Maybe I am batting way out in left field, but that is what worked for me. The solution is in changing how you think about things. In other words, when you are not feeling safe confront it instead of running from it. Go to the store and buy something simple or someplace. As you already said, you have survived every panic attack you have had. Now confront the problem and convince yourself that it is really not a problem. Change the way you think about it. I hope that helps.

Thank you for the advice and just the sweet nad kind words. I def am facing my fears as hard as it is I have to face it. Your def right in everything you said so thank you. Most importantly you no longer have these problems so yay for you. Makes me happy but I appreciate it.

everyday panic attack or 24/7 is my daily task..i can still manage by using the 4 simple steps to minimized my's work to me even is to hard..

Thank you. =))) I'm glad that you are managing. I get by. It's hard but I make it =)

I am happy to hear that you are coping with your panic attacks - I get them all of the time.I take meds to help control them as well as seeing my therapist. The best way for me to deal with my attacks is through prayer. I also journal and I colour mandelas (this is a form of meditation). Happy Valentine's Day, Christinebabii !!! Leena

Happy Valentines Day Leena =)

Thank you for the kind words. I am really getting a hold of panic attacks. The more I can see myself controling them makes me feel okay about having them you know. I'm glad you as well are getting through your attacks too. This def will make us stronger in the end forsure.

You have some great things to help control your attacks. I may try them as well to help lessen it with the other tools I have. =)

Well I hope you have a great Valentines day! Thanks for everything.

so glad to hear your story of recovery!

Thank you sooo much!

You said you can anticipate your next attack while negative thoughts are flooding into your mind. That is good you can able to anticipate. But you should learn how to deal with your negative thought. Spirituality will going to help you. I know anticipation is too scary. You no need to panic about. I think you will able to bring into control while negative thought flooding. Mediation, Reiki, and Law of Attraction definetly help you. You have to learn. Do not leave off. Be brave.

Thanks soooo much for everything. I def yeah am learning, its a long and scary process but through it all I think I'm getting better day by day and thats all I can ask for. As for meditating I've looked up how to do different ways and I've already started. I feel relax and spiritually better. =) So thank you

Today I red you stories. I am very sorry for you. I will be glad if I able to help you. What I feel medication is not only a solution. I think you should understand about spirituality. I think meditation must help you. You can't hold your thought process. You must be want to run away from your thought process. It follow you more aggressive way. You are incapable for fight with thought. Instead of if you love your feelings and except it. It is more easy for meditating. Loving your being is more important. Otherwise you will struggle with your beings. You can't meditate. You will only struggle for meditate. It will going to more mess. Be careful to eccept your beings first. You love your beings whether negative or positive. Let your inner energy develop. That is your status you will be close to your soul. That is the safe status.

Thank you for the amazing words, I will take all that in and take consideration of it all. Thank you for everything and being there for me.

Very insightful write up :) I understand everything you said and they are such an inconvenience! As much as possible, I'd fight the urge to flee to a safe place because after awhile agoraphobia kicks in and that is really hard to deal with. I never found xanax helpful; I tried it once or twice and it just clouded my mind (didn't help the panic attack at all) and I didn't like that feeling.<br />
<br />
You are on the right track; I think you'll find that you will get stronger and they will become less of an issue :)

Thank you so much for the kind words, that means a lot to me. Yeah I have been fighting lately and I'm starting to get on the right path, its just a journey thats forsure. I'm sorry xanaxx didn't help you, I just make sure to only use it for emergencies only and I haven't taken once since forever ago so I'm happy about that.

Once again thank you for the kind and sweet words, means a lot to me! =)))

I have been told that the important thing is not to give into them and go outside.<br />
<br />
This has worked for me sometimes but not all the time.<br />
<br />
If you get bad news or a person is nasty does it trigger off your panic attacks?<br />
<br />
I try to tell myself that I am not alone in feeling this way but when they first came upon me I thought I was going crazy and that fear reinforced the panic attacks.

Yeah I've heard that as well! I sometimes find it comfortable to hide under blankets but I recently have gotten over that now I just lay down and kind of give myself positive self talk and breathing techniques I learned. It's helped tremedously.

I actually had a panic attack yesterday and with all that I did't have to take my medicine like I usually do.

As for the bad news or smeone being nasty to me, absolutely. I think why I get panic attacks is cause I care too much about what people think of me and it gets to me and causes me to stress out and panic. How about yourself? Same to you!??!

You def are not alone hun =) as for what your feeling, you just gotta remind yourself that this feeling is temporarily and you won't go crazy and that nothing bad will happen =) I hope this helps and if you ever need someone to listen or anything I'm here for you, I can totally relate.

Thank you. I also care too much about what people think. One day I could be quite happy and in control and then a nasty person says something and I feel sick to the stomach. You are so right to say the feeling is only temporary and a person must believe that and face the fear. Love and hugs

Dear Christine,

Hi. My name is David from Minnesota. I have suffered with panic and anxiety attacks for over twenty years. They have robbed me of so much freedom in my life. I have done meditation and taken medications and exercise. They all help, but like many of us, I was always worried about when the next big Panic Attack would occur. I really shut myself off from all those places that created anxiety for me. I have tried many programs, but all of them focus on breathing and distracting yourself away from the panic. It took so much energy to fight them. I recently came across a program that taught me how to confront them in a safe way and to take away their power over me. I have only been on it for about three weeks or so, and my anxiety is lower and my fear of panic attacks is greatly diminished. It's called, "Panic Away" developed by a guy who suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for years. Look it up and see if it is for you.