Not Had One For a While!!!

I have had quite a few panic attacks in my life!

Many as a child which i had to be rushed into hospital to be put on oxygen!

My last one was the worst one tho! I was on the plane  going to turkey for the first time so i was pretty excited!!

I had been ill all that day tho so i hadn't been able to keep any food down so as i sat there waiting to take off all the fears took over! i was sat between my best friend and her mum and all of a sudden i started going dizzy! I'm a Lil bit claustrophobic as well so that didn't help things! but i just thought happy thoughts about holidays and beach and such like!!

And i calmed down! it wasn't until we hit a Lil bit of turbulence that i started to panic a little bit! But then we dropped about 3,000 feet in the space of secs and everyone was screaming and being thrown everywhere! the seat belt light came flashing on but no matter i wanted to be safe i couldn't move! i was just froze in place crying holding my toy rabbit to my eyes!
My friend and her mum had to fasten the seat belt for me and then the panic truly hit and i couldn't breathe!

I knew what was coming so i was using one of the sick bags to regulate my breathing as i hadn't told them 2 about having panic attacks!!! everyone around me were freaking out as they thought i was being sick but i wasn't i was just saving my own life!!!

I thankfully haven't had one since then but I'm keeping my fingers crossed so i don't jinx anything!!!
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1 Response Mar 26, 2007

I as well have panik attacks often, and when I went on the airplane for my first time, all I could picture was crashing into a building or dying. I was sooo scared. I had a full out panik attack on the plane and the people around me thought I was dying. It was soooo embaresing. The airplane attendant ended up getting me an oxygen mask thingy and i had to wear it for most of the trip.