My Short Notice Panic Attack

It all started when I was at work and I started cleaning up the kitchen I work in the catering bussiness anyways I had a few 12 packs
Of coke to put away in the huge walk in fridge as my hands were full I managed to open up the fridge door it closed behind me I didn't
Think much of it then as I'm loading the cokes on the shelves I started thinking about what if I got locked in here I would have no way to call for help I don't have a cell phone on me I kept thinking of just awful little thoughts they kept replaying in my mind so as I was done I go to reach for the door handle to leave I didn't see one the walls were stainless steel and I'm sure sound proof My whole body trembled in heat I looked for the outline of the door there was none I couldn't see it these big plastic cartons were in the way everything was happening so fast my heart was beating out of control my throat was dry my legs were shaking all I wanted to do was fall to the ground the walls were closing in on me as I looked behind me I was in a full on panic mode I freaked and pushed the door that wasn't so visible but I knew the location of it and I was so relieved I walked out like I just seen a ghost this co worker of mine asked if I was alright I shrugged like nothing at happend and said yes but I was still visibly shooking up and startled I was carrying on conversations after that and I still don't remember what they were I was so in the moment that the whole next hour I was shaking keep in mind I was in the fridge like 2 mins but it felt like a full blown 5 minutes I literally felt the heat overwhelm my body my thoughts became so uncontrollable not the first panic attack I've had I've had three other big ones I'm only 19 and I feel as I though anxiety is taking me over
Amandajeann Amandajeann
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1 Response Apr 23, 2012

There are couple of things you can do firstly if possible leave the room you are in.<br />
Second if you don't have a small brown paper packet cup your hands together and breath in and out the same air this really helps.<br />
Last thing is have a glass of water this should keep it at bay and once u recognize the signs you can do these 3 things. Dr can also give you a small tablet that you put under your tonque like a heart patient and what it does is slows the adrenalin also works very well.

Thanks for the tips! I need to do something I don't know how common panic attacks are but I do know I need something before I lose my mind least that what it feels like sometimes..