When Does It Stop?

Well to start off My panic attacks didn't begin until I was stationed in Iraq back in 2005. At that point I had my first one while I was pulling guard duty one night. I had never had one before and the feeling that came over me at that time really scared me. Trouble breathing, dizziness,could barely speak, blurry vision, heart racing, you name it I was feeling it. Long story short ever since that one day I have been having these same type of attacks. They have no set time or place, they just seem to catch me off guard every single time. I had a Farely bad one late last year that sent me to the hospital. I had all the beginning signs of a heart attack, pain and numbness in my left arm and sharp pains in my chest. I was profusely sweating from every pore, shaking uncontrollably and could hardly walk. Once at the hospital they had to take me back in a wheelchair and still continued to shake. All the major tests were done and all came back negative so the nurse gave me an Ativan to relax me. It took a couple hours to calm down before I was finally released. Some days I can go without a panic attack and then the next day I am facing my inner demons again. It is somewhat of a relief to see others in the same situation I am in.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I have had similar feelings of anxiety,fear,breathlessness,numbness and uneasiness everytime i'm having them. It comes usually in the afternoon.,i dont know why.,i fear it coming when i am outside of the house.,i feel like im goin to collapse or completely disoriented or something.The feeling is just too weird to explain.I've had tests done to dispel my fears like ecg,blood tests/chem,xray and even had ct scan. Until now I still think that something is wrong with me and I just havent discovered what it is yet. Sigh...please help!