The First Panic Attack I Ever ...

The first panic attack I ever had scared **** out of me. It was after I had taken meds that strengthened panic attacks but because I didn't know that I got them I just took the meds. And then I lay in bed in the evening and couldn't sleep. I remember it all too well. My heart was beating, I was breathing hard, there was cold sweat all over my body and the next moment I felt hot. I lay in bed for about three or four hours, never getting any sleep and forcing myself not to cry. I knew that everything was silent but there was noise and voices everywhere in the room. It was as if I was listening to people talking around me. I thought I was going mad, I was really scared that I would wake up in a mental institution and not know who my family is anymore. The first was absolutely horrible and the other ones I got afterwards were horrible too, but I understood them. Now I can control them at least a bit.
GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
18-21, F
Apr 13, 2007