Panic Attacks Revisted

Back a few years when I was 18 years old I started having crippling panic attacks that caused me great, great emotional pain. After almost 3 years of daily panic attacks I found a way to remove myself from the situation and completely stopped having them until last year. It seems as though my panic attacks evolved into something different in which to almost trick me so that I didn't know how to combat it at all. Now instead of my heart beating really fast, sweating, feeling like I was on drugs, feelings that I am losing my mind etc... I am feeling heart palpitations, shaking, feeling hard to breath, nausea, dizziness, tingling and feelings as though I am going to die. I guess stress is the culprit for me, so I have eliminated some hours at work and gotten off birth control. I would love some feed back!
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I use to get anxiety attacks. and went to a doctor too. He Prescribed xanax. I researched the pills before taking them, and found out they were to calm me because I was unable to calm myself. I flushed the pills down the toilet, and learned to calm myself and take control.

My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced these crippling attacks. <br />
Stay strong.

I had panic attacks and they went away after exercsing eating good etc.. they are back gain like palpitaions tingling not like old anxiety attacks feeling like i was on drugs crazy EXACTLY like u said. I went to doc make sure i wasnt having heart trouble,that wa $1000 in the garbage . Im fine i just have stress but i try to cover i t up like its no there im guessing this is waht triggers this new kind of panic attack. I went on fish oil once a day and yoga i feel normal again, one more piece of advise if you cant or dont want to do something say no to friends to you to anyone, dont overwhelm urself

An interesting point about the birth control--do you think getting off of it has helped? I've been on the NuvaRing for a little over a year, and you made me think about that... my panic attacks seemed to disappear when I went on the NuvaRing, and I've been off of it now for over a month and they've come back... not sure if its related or not, but I'd be curious to hear more about your b.c. experiences related to the panic attacks!

You made a healthy choice when you gave up some of your obligations. When you are feeling out of control, you sometimes have to give up control in order to regain your life. If the modifications you made recently are not helping, I would suggest either talk therapy and / or medication. Talk therapy will aid you in understanding your triggers. If you are experiencing panic attacks due to chemical issues, then medication can help make life far more pleasant. I went on Zoloft several years ago. My anxiety began with math-based exams, but Zoloft helped me feel like I took a vacation without leaving town. I was able to function normally and complete my university. Talk therapy was helpful, too, because I was able to put my issues into perspective. Remember, you are not alone. Our bodies were just not designed to live under such large amounts of stress, and they rebel sometimes.