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That's what my life has become a constant state of panic. I have at least 2-3 major panic attacks a day when I'm driving, trying to fall asleep, trying to shower, workout or just relax and watch my favorite show Dexter. They just will not stop. I have had panic attacks for the last 20 years. It just takes a little of your soul everyday.
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that<br />
is<br />
torment...<br />
get free<br />
to be you<br />
and tell anxiety<br />
to fk off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
joyinthejourney, clg<br />
just read what you wrote about making love...<br />
BEAUTIFUL!!!!<br />

you know they have medicine for this . . . you should seek professional help . . . this is no way to live . . . I used to get them too . . . not anymore since I sought help . . . good luck my friend . . .