I Have Had Panic Attacks

I think I started having Panic Attacks when I was just 15 years old. Depression runs in my family on my mothers side. My mother and grandmother were both on meds for depression. Back then I had no idea what those feelings were but they were scarey and felt horrible. The feeling would come on quickly and often with no apparent reason. I would feel like something really really bad was about to happen like a sense of doom. Then my heart would start racing and my palms would get all sweaty. I told my mother and she never seemed to think it was anything serious. These feelings continued into my early twenties and by that time I had symptoms of depression so I went to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with depression and panic anxiety disorder. I wonder what causes the panic anxiety disorder. My mom was married to an alcoholic back then when I was young and my brother and I were terrified of him. He was a very abusive man. Could this have brought on the anxiety attacks in my life? I haven't done much research on that and wonder if anyone thinks there panic attacks are related to past traumas.
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36-40, F
Apr 26, 2007