It Gets Better

I am 20 years old and I had my first panic attack a few months ago. I was about to have major exams and suddenly I started to feel like I am about to collapse lose control and out of time and place. My parents didn't want to believe it was panic attacks so they just kept sending me to various doctors. But I didn't get any better! I kept reading things online searching for my symptoms. I was nearly sure I was having panic attacks. I went to a therapist and when I told her the symptoms she just asked me whether I am happy with my life or not. I told her that once upon a time I was... She gave me some medication and I went to therapies. I wasn't having panic attacks for minutes my attacks continued for days. After medication my panic attacks started to fade. Also I discovered that when I am doing sports I felt really good. So I started kickbox and swimming. (These might not work for everyone.. My therapist recommended yoga... But it wasn't my thing...) Now after nearly 4 months I don't have major attacks(thank God!) I still have minor attacks I still sweat from time to time I still sometimes feel I am about to faint but then I gain control again. I start saying 'OK this is an attack you know it can't do anything calm down breathe... It really works for me and I always distract myself because when I have too much free time I start to wait for attacks... The idea of having one is worse than having an actual one... And don't listen your inner voice!! I feel better and I hope this was helpful... Get well soon everyone and don't believe people saying panic attacks aren't treatable... There is a cure and you can %100 be good/healthy! Don't lose control...
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WOW! this very helped me feel 19, I've been having attacks for about a month straight now, some days are worse than others, some days I feel just out of control of my own life...when im busy and focused on something I feel good, like my normal self...but when I have free time, they start taking over, and my train of thought is so negative..I start therapy next week, and im praying for the patience to deal with this. I am iffy about medications, I'm scared of taking any if they suggest it because I don't want it to turn me into a zombie, if that makes any sense to you. I'm just really over feeling this way!!!!

good for have a good understanding of them. I have experienced them on/off for many years...and thanks to medication and therapy, i'm living a pretty darn good life...and you're so correct about not giving them any weight...they will feels pretty scary in the middle of a panic attack, or when you feel one coming...<br />
keep on doing what you're doing!

thank you for your comment. It feels so good to hear from people who had also suffered from panic attacks. Sometimes you can feel so lonely as if you are the only one going through these stuff. But thanks to panic attack I started to control the use of sugar and coffee. I have lost 3 kgs. Which is so cool. It really is scary but when you realise it can't do anything to you,you understand that it is OK.