A Few Days Ago I Had to Pull Over...

It's never been quite that bad before, that I've actually had to pull my car over to get through the panic attack.  They happen while I'm driving often. 

My symptoms:  feeling like I can't swallow, that my heart is going to stop, that I can't control things like my arms, legs, even my eyes from blinking, feeling like I'm speaking in tongues and don't make sense, and feeling so extremely spacey. 

I've even started having them during the night--I wake up only to think I'm dying. 

So far, they haven't lasted much longer than a few minutes, but they're just so damned unpredictable...

I haven't sought out any treatment yet--the thought of taking medications gives me anxiety, imagine that.  I guess I need to see a therapist... I'm one of those cocky academic types who thinks she can get herself through this without them, though.  Pfft.

It's strange, but it feels good to just type this--it's like a confession or something...but I still feel like I'm completely NUTS to admit that I actually feel like I'm dying sometimes, or that it feels like my body forgot how to swallow... ugh. 

Have yours gotten worse over time without treatment?  I know symptoms sometimes shift... and I think mine have over the years looking back... but will they get worse?
junebugLC junebugLC
26-30, F
May 5, 2007