Out Of The Blue

I am 23 years old and started having panic attacks about 5 months ago out of the blue! i was happy with work and my life and was looking forwad to holidays with friends! i started having chest pains and my heart rate was sky high so was taken to hospital for tests and then was diagnosed with having panic attacks! my attacks seemed to last for days not just minutes. I saw my doctor who wanted to prescribe me medication but i refused and slowly they seemed to disapear...........until i was on holiday with friends and i felt i couldnt even leave my apartment. I was becoming dizzy and having chest pains also i was experiencing numbness in my hands and feet. Since being home i have regular appointments with my doctor and again they have slowed down and i havent had one for three weeks nearly.
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

he offered me medication but i didnt like the idea of relying on them so i refused! the other option was regular check ups with him every couple of weeks which i do and he has been amazing! the first doctor i saw just said you are having panic attacks then shook my hand and opened the door for me so i booked to see another doctor because i wasnt happy but like i said this doctor i see now is very supportive.

Did your dr. put you on meds or something else?