Panic Attack At College

    After a weekend of drinking way too much I laid down in my bed at my apartment on a Sunday night. (about two weeks ago) I hadn't drank since the night before and I was finally feeling better after a day of recovering from a hangover.
    I couldnt sleep and my ex gf called me. I talked to her for an hour and then realized it was 2 am. I got off the phone and tried to doze off... I think began to hallucinate and everytime I closed my eyes I would see flashes of different images, various people who I know and some I didn't. I couldn't stop seeing things with my eyes opened or closed. I had a terrible fear in my gut and I became light headed. Irrational thoughts rushed through my head and I had finally come to the conclusion I had literally gone insane. I somehow fell asleep at about 5 30 a.m.
    I woke up at about 10, took a shower, and rode the bus to campus. I was feeling ok although I knew i was definitley not healthy. I walked in the cafateria at the university center to grab a bite to eat when suddenly I started feeling anxious again. I began thinking irrationally again and I thought everyone was staring at me because they new I had went insane. I sat down and took a bite of my burrito, my stomach churned and I realized I had no appetite.
    Frustrated, I stood up to go throw away my trash. When I arose, I started seeing spots and became extremely lightheaded. This caused me to panic even more. I thought I was about to die (keep in mind I was thinking irrationally) I felt my knees almost give out so I sat down quickly. After sitting for a few minutes I managed to throw away my trash and head back to my apartment where I immediatley went to sleep. Over the next 24 hours I had many more panic attacks but somehow managed to still give my final speech in my communications class.
    On Tuesday I called my parents and told them I needed help. I had no idea what had happend to me which further fueled my anxieties and fears that I had within. After telling the doctor my story and telling him that my depression had slowly crept back into soul as well he concluded that I had experienced a series of panic attacks.
    Being the stubborn man that I am (and still thinking somewhat irrationaly) I secretly rejected the idea that I had experienced panic attacks. I though I had some other medical condition.
    After some prescribed meds, talking to a therapist, and personally accepting my condition I began to feel better. I started to get my appetite back and began feeling stronger on the following friday night.
    I've been through some intense ordeals in my life considering my age (20) but, nothing came even close to this. It was the most terrifying week of my life. That first night was so out of control. If anyone wants to know any further details about my story or has any questions, feel free to contact me.
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Turns out I'm actually Bipolar<br />
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yes....panic disorder...i know it well, was diagnosed many years ago. Meds, therapy, have all helped me live a 'somewhat' normal life. I find 'anticipatory anxiety the worse. It's an awful feeling in mind and body. We can all help each other in knowing we're not alone!!<br />
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Panic attacks are so scary because they seem so real and so credible! I'm glad you worked through yours!