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i get panic and anxiety attacks very often, usually over something that most people wouldn't even think twice about doing. It makes me angry at myself that something as simple as taking my boys swimming for a couple of hours may take me mentally and emotionally 2-3 hours to *prepare* myself for and THAN, panic attack or not, but usually with one, off we go. If you have never had one consider yourself VERY lucky and if you have had one or two, think about having those one or two say 5x a week. They are horrible, they debilitate you, your heart starts flying, my breathing gets all strange and a feeling of impending doom just takes right over. i have medication for them, but only use the medication if i ABSOLUTELY have too. Also these stupid attacks can occur for what appears to be no reason at all. These days i have to check the obits. daily to see if my father died, as he is dying and no one in my family will talk to me, so i go to the Toronto main newspaper everyday on line, get to the deaths section, than punch in his name, NOW that is almost ALWAYS a daily panic attack. GRRRRRRRRRRRR
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I agree with EPErica! That is horrible! I'm so sorry about your father. I can't even imagine the pain you're going through right now. If that weren't enough chaos, you have to deal with these debilitating panic attacks too. Now, on a more positive note, just try to keep your chin up and I'm sure things will get better for you. You just have to make it through the rain! Think of the saying, "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger." I find inner peace if I just repeat this over and over to myself. Once you overcome the panic attacks, you'll look back with a sense of accomplishment. Nothing is forever. Have you ever tried mediation? I'm sure it's hard to believe that something so little can help, but my mother found relief from her panic attacks by mediating and practicing breathing techniques for about an hour daily. It's worth a shot, right? Are you on Xanax or Ativan by any chance? I've been thinking of asking my psychiatrist to prescribe me something for my nerves while I'm taking this speech class. I'm horribly scared I'm going to have a panic attack in front of the classroom! Can you send me message since you have a lot of experience with panic and anxiety? I'm not even sure about medications and such! I would greatly appreciate it! =D

How horrible to not know whether or not your father is still alive because no one is willing to call you. You have my sympathy and good thoughts.