Leaving Nest Equals Panic

my daughter who is 13 was going to be going to live at dads she had lived with me since birth . HER brother was there he also went at 13 . 15 now my son. anyway i thought i was doing fine. Katie and I were at home she wasnt going to leave untill the end of the school year.I had just finished vacuming when my chest felt like i was having a heart attack my neighbor called 911 my husband was at work. at the emergency room i was told it had been a panic attack  and a displaced rib which they put back in place . I never know when they come on but there no joke . Another time one whole side of my body went numb. anymore i just try to stay calm and not worry. well see
winniecat winniecat
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1 Response Jun 9, 2007

did the left side go numm??.....right back plss